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  1. bibo1978

    Iso 7816. PDF files plz

    Can anyone help me with the full specs of ISO standard 7816-15 a final draft PDF (not copyrighted)
  2. bibo1978

    how can I check the proximity card chip

    I have a problem, I want a fast help I have a proximity contactless 14443 ISO card and the card includes a chip that is supposidly should be infenion microcontroller I wanna send ATT commands to check the card chip ID. is there anyway to do this Added after 9 minutes: the Chip is...
  3. bibo1978

    floating state to a known state

    I want to make the flaoting state of Stub Series Terminated Logic for 2.5V (SSTL_2) bus into a valid logic one state when in the floating state, I have tried to add pulldown but it doesn't work can anyone help
  4. bibo1978

    Tristate to a known state

    Hi, I am using a VII FPGA board, I am using Stub Series Terminated Logic for 2.5V (SSTL_2) bus, the problem lies in that I want the bus to be at a known valid state when in the tristate, I have tried to use the weak keeper at xilinx FPGA but it doesn't work with the SSTL2, I can not use DCI...
  5. bibo1978

    Help me decrease my simulation runtime

    how to speed up runtime modelsim I want to decrease my simulation runtime, I have tried all techniques to my knowledge but my runtime is very big. I work on Modelsim 5.7 under windows, yet even with appropriate PLI models and VCD files if possible, minor changes in the design might take hours...
  6. bibo1978

    Mixed design, digital part

    Is there some clear guidelines for mixed design digital part: 1- Floorplanning 2- PowerSupply design, precaution, techniques to avoid loading impact from analog part on the digital part. 3- shielding and noise avoidance "decreasing" techniques 4- clock and reset tree layout precautions and tips...
  7. bibo1978

    Mixed design SDF file generation

    Hi, I am workin in a mixed design Digital part, accordingly I don't care about analog part but I want to know if it is possible to generate an SDF file for the analog part delay, because currently my design is made upon spiculations, I want to know if is there any tool that can do this, rather...
  8. bibo1978

    Converting bit file to EDIF

    Does any one knows a tool capable of converting FPGA programming files to EDIF file, I know that the EDIF is technology specific but I mean any EDIF format
  9. bibo1978

    Switched mode power supply and audio amplifier

    switched mode audio amplifier I have done a class B audio amplifier, and used a switched mode power supply as the input feed supplu for the amplifier, I have a problem with the amplifier when a steep change in the output occurs the switched mode supply fails to supply the amplifier with...
  10. bibo1978

    Problem with using Samsung DDR model wih Modelsim

    Have anyone used samsung DDR-model with Modelsim, it seems that I have a problem with it, the DQS signal on the write process goes to X state, I believe that the DDR-model and controller tries to force a value on the DQS, I don't know for sure where is the problem, however, I am using Modelsim...
  11. bibo1978

    Modelsim 6.0 and compxlib (ISE 5.2)

    compile compixlib in modelsim 6 se I have ISE 5.2 and compxlib didn't compile with ModelSim 6.0 SE, can any one tell me how to compile Xilinx models with Modelsim 6.0 SE.
  12. bibo1978

    ModelSim SE 6.0 and systemC

    compiler c++ modelsim I want some hints on how to use modelsim SE 6.0 to compile systemC programs
  13. bibo1978

    T=1 and T=0 protocols for SimCard splitter

    CAM SimCard I want to do a simCard spillter and I need to know more about the T=1 and T=0 protocol can anyone help
  14. bibo1978

    The routing matrix in high-end FPGAs

    FPGA routing Matrix I was wondering if anyone can tell me more information about the routing matrix in the high-end FPGAs especially the two dimension matrices, Also I would get more intact with placement constraints and any success stories regarding this area would be very educating
  15. bibo1978

    What is the CAM satellite SIM Card interface protocol ?

    CAM sim Card Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the CAM "satallite" SIM Card interface protocol usually? I want to know if it is I2C or ISP or what
  16. bibo1978

    How are Smart Card Splitter done?

    Hi there I want to know how does smart card splitters are done I have seen some made with the AVR Microcontroller can any one guide me to the Idea
  17. bibo1978

    Opinions on performance of Virtex-4 FPGA

    Virtex-4 Did anyone tried Virtex-4 FPGA yet?
  18. bibo1978

    Looking for info about Reamanian Space

    reamanian Space I want to get more information a reamanian space, can any one supply a biggners ebook about it?
  19. bibo1978

    How to modulate a laser diode with an analog RF signal at 1 Ghz range?

    Laser diodes optical power is senstive for currrent in the diode usually they are linearily related over some range of current intensity, however Rf amplifiers o/p is usually voltage signal, although most laser diode applicaton are in digital communication where modulation is done by on-off of...
  20. bibo1978

    Looking for soft copy of QEX magazine Jul/Aug 2004

    QEX Does any one have a softcopy of QEX magazine Jul/Aug 2004, I know I shouldn't ask here but it is an RF magazine

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