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    re: problem on inverter simulation

    re: problem on inverter simulation
  2. J

    re: problem on inverter simulation

    re: problem on inverter simulation Hello everyone, I'm in a dilemma of finishing my inverter design. I simulate this with a MULTISIM release 10 (student version) but can't get exact what I want with my design. May I request everyone those who are interested to simulate this design for me using...
  3. J

    Grid Tie Inverter - open source project

    Mr Cool, If you could count me in. I'm willing to join. I'm doing a simple design of a transformerless inverter to be tied up to grid. Just tell us the specifications of the project you want us to work with. And give us some topics to research as our contribution. Thanks, joe
  4. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    audio amplifier 100v non transformer isolation Thanks. There are lots of students looking for design of inverters in this forum. And I'm one of them. You could all help by suggesting a simple electronic parts for these designs: And one of the hardest thing to find is the drivers for MOSFET...
  5. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    circuit diagram for 10 vdc to 230vac Yes, I'm making some notes on PWM (built in IC's). There is a control on the current and voltage. But what type of audio amplifier (60W) should I use to drive a transformer? Isn't it that there are non transformer and transformer isolated topologies...
  6. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    50w inverter Yeah I want to make a pure sine wave inverter. Could you please help me a circuit diagram for this? thanks
  7. J

    Need a One Good Electronics Project Suggestion

    Mr Amol, You got a nice and informative website. cheers, joe
  8. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    12vdc ups schematic It's just that I'm very fascinated doing some projects as my hobby and learning. I'm in transmission and distribution side of power engineering. And I want to add another skill on power electronics. It's just a self fulfillment for me to make my own inverter to use in fuel...
  9. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    12v dc to 230v ac converter Yes Audioguru. I found a mosfet driver controller in TI semicon. It's TPS40210. It has a wide input operating voltage from 4.5 to 52 V. and the maximum output voltage is 260 V. The Mosfet that I need must have a voltage rating of more than 100V, isn't it? There...
  10. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    12v dc to 230v ac inverter How about this type of Mosfet. Package D2-Pak Circuit Discrete VBRDSS (V) 20 RDS(on) Max 4.5V (mOhms) 11.1 RDS(on) Max 10V (mOhms) 7.9 ID @ TC = 25C (A) 67 ID @ TC = 100C (A) 47 Qg Typ...
  11. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    inverter design So it's too high to drive the Mosfet. Not possible. I read a lot on your post on different threads. And you help us a lot. Do you have any suggestion what is the best driver for a power mosfet in a boost inverter? I'm making my own design of inverter for a fuel cell (if...
  12. J

    12Vdc to 230 Vac Boost inverter design

    boost converter schematic Hello all, Could you please help me to simulate this simple boost inverter design using Multisim: The original switch controller for my Power MOSFET is LM5022 (10 pins). But I cannot find this LM5022 in the library of the Multisim 8. That's why I used LM555 (8 pins)...
  13. J

    12 Vdc to 240Vac fuel cell inverter

    Hello all, I already read a lot of the threads in this forum and I'm very satisfied with the results that I got. I also used some of the posted circuit diagrams already on this forum, and I could say that they are effective. May I again request for a simple circuit diagram of an inverter of 12...
  14. J

    Design of a 10kW Inverter for a fuel cell

    10kw h bridge hi all, I'm very much interested with all the design of inverters. What sort of program could I open up for these extensions...rar. I have downloaded all the attachment in here but cannot open the file with extension..... (.rar). Could you please help me to open up. thanks joe

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