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  1. princez

    LinkSprite JPG camera ..(Problem with Chunks)

    yes i saw the tutorial.. every thig is fine when i take the picture as a whole.. but when i take in chunks it gives problem ---------- Post added at 20:42 ---------- Previous post was at 20:40 ---------- is there any one who have taken picture from this camera in chunks??
  2. princez

    LinkSprite JPG camera ..(Problem with Chunks)

    PLEASE HELP ME OUT ASAP!!!! ITS REALLY URGENT! i am using this cam.. everything works perfectly fine when i read the image in one go.. the problem arrives when i start to read its image in chunks. i get FFD9 twice or thrice, and the data is corrupted. Please suggest me the solution, what am i...
  3. princez

    PIC C Oscillator Problem

    I also want to know that is there any way to check at which speed or clock my micro-controller is working?? any way to know it on hardware??
  4. princez

    PIC C Oscillator Problem

    hello. I am trying to program my PIC18F4550 to work with external 20Mhz Oscillator. I have tried each and every single command i came across the reference manual for PIC-C programming language, but i am not successful to accomplish my task. Here's my code, #include<18f4550.h> #use delay...
  5. princez

    PIC18f4550 interfacing with 62256 COMS SRAM

    Hello, I am doing a project, in which i have to interface a serial camera with PIC18f4550, and in order to store that image i am using 62256 RAM. My problem is that i don't have any circuit diagram to proceed. Can any one please provide me with a circuit diagram explaining how to interface the...
  6. princez

    need code for 62256 RAM with PIC18f452 on mikroBasic

    hay .. do you have the circuit diagram for your circuit in which you are interfacing PIC with 62256??
  7. princez

    GPRS SMS.. is it actually possible ?

    I have received and sent sms using GSM modem.. now i want to send data packets at a higher rate, so while googling i came to know that we can send sms using GPRS connection, and these sms are sent at a heigher rate because GPRS got a heigher bandwidth.. can any one please help me with it? is it...
  8. princez

    What to use thermocouple or thermistor???

    yes i too think so that thermistors are more suited; didn't start to work with it right now, cuz busy in other projects, i will soon be pursuing it. thx everybody!
  9. princez

    What to use thermocouple or thermistor???

    should i directly connect lm35 with pic?(am using pic16f877a) its got built-in ADC. does lm35 has that much precision and resolution to detect body temperatures :S i have previously used lm35; but that was for higher temperature.
  10. princez

    What to use thermocouple or thermistor???

    a big thx for ur kind suggestions. am going to work on thermistor; if it dosent work then i'll move to DS ic.
  11. princez

    What to use thermocouple or thermistor???

    oki; thx.. i'll search it. but if u can upload it here it would be quiet helpful. thx again.
  12. princez

    What to use thermocouple or thermistor???

    Hi, i am doing a project ; whose part is to measure patient's temperature. can any body help me with the sensors??? what to use thermocouple or thermistor?? Please refer some links and circuit designs. (thx in advance for helping me ). Regards.

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