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  1. nathan

    BSIM3/4 to EKV model translator ?

    bsim2ekv Anyone is aware if such tool exists ? If yes, do you have a link ? Thnx, nathan
  2. nathan

    Calibration structure design for on-chip RF characterization

    Hi all, I'm wondering if there is any tutorial on the subject. In particular I'm trying to charcaterize a SiGe process with target product frequency around 5GHz. Given my standard GSG PAD configuration and my embedded devices I'm trying to understand how to layout the best calibration...
  3. nathan

    Info on layout of classical DFF design for RF PLL

    DFF design for RF PLL Anyone has info on actual design and layout of classical DFF to be used in high perfromance PLL ? I'm mainly interested in actual layout tips ... if any. Thnx, nathan
  4. nathan

    GDSII manipulation api/library ?

    Anyone has code for GDSII manipulation ? Thnx, nathan

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