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    Looking for TIs PCI2040 driver / EVM full software

    PCI HELP can anyone spare me a TI's PCI2040 driver / EVM full software please.. I need it badly for my project..
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    Looking for PCI 2040 device driver

    pci2040 pci drivers does anybody here has PCI 2040 device driver? pls send me.. tnx
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    Home developed PCI card doesn work (PC won boot up)

    Need Help in PCI card I have develop a PCi card using pci2040. however, when i plug the board to the slot, my pc won't boot up... what could be the problem.. PLs help...
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    Help me making 10 micro henry inductor using magnetic wire

    inductor help can anyone help me in making 10 microhenry inductor using magnetic wire
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    Whats the best language for interfacing using PCI bus ?

    PCI Problem.. what's the best langauge to be use in interfacing using pci bus?
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    Help me program PCI2040 for PCI interface card

    PCI2040 help i am working on a pci interface card using PCI2040 of Texas instuments.. can anyone help me in programming and driver information.
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    need help on PCI INterface card

    I am doing my project on Pci Interfacing, i am using the TI's PCI2040 pci to dsp bridge controller and TMS320vc5416 for my dsp. however, i'm newbie to PCI Interfacing and have little knowledge on programing.. i have only two weeks to finish my project. can anyone here help me in programming? I...

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