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    how to run evalfis in matlab when input is array of fis structures

    Hi guys. I am doing optimization of fuzzy logic controllers i.e automated tuning. I have encountered a situation where I need to evaluate the output of each fis structure without using a for loop to call evalfis in matlab. Any suggestions on how to run evalfis(u,FIS) when FIS is an array of FIS...
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    What are the advantages of using a 64 bit computer systems

    I'm wondering if there are any real gains of using a 64 bit operating system compared to the more common 32 bit. It is reported that 64 bit processors machines operate slower when running 32 bit operating systems.
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    Thyristor BJT and other power devices.

    thyristor,bjt,mosfet,igbt Have a look at a power electronics textbook e.g. books by Mohan or Rashid available in this forum.
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    C++ code for Fuzzy Logic Control

    Looking for a code that implements fuzzy logic control. Thanks guys!
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    Data acquisition card

    Can you suggest some low cost but good data acquisition cards (with analog and digital channels) for final year student projects.
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    Computer Engineering OR Electrical Engineering

    What actually is the real difference between comp. Eng. and Elect. Eng. Any ideas for students choosing careers?

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