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    Electromagnetic sensor

    Hi!!! the website you posted is all about the experement on how the brain scanner operates... Maybe the uses of that is working out radio signal in a path to locate cancer and it is the basic part of the human technology...maybe anything will do...but for now there is nothing yet to have a...
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    Looking for circuits about stealing energy from energymeter

    stealing energy Hi!!! Maybe such energy meter is Ammeter!! because it uses an energy transfer from current flowing to the wire and it trasfer trough its core for the neddle to deflect.. so if done this the energy transfer is involve by this you can make another inverter using the basic...
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    battery charger: buck

    Hi!! try to put a line filter using a coil. Put the said coil in the power line or connect it in series in Line1 and line2 of your power line. Use #20 magnetic wire with more or less 20 turn and fashion loop to the firrite core. If the problem could not be fix try to add your filter capacitor or...
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    PAL CONVERT TO NTSC (tv system)

    pal to ntsc converter circuit Hello dear!!! anybody could help me how to convert PAL system of TV to NTSC or I need a device that can convert PAL to NTSC Thanks!!!!
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    How Wind Turbine related to course BSCoE? please help

    Hi a Lot!!! know first that wind turbine is dealing to produce an electricity and computer enginnering is dealt not only to computer itself but to other spicific endeavor such as communication and thermodinamics. Because we are now at high technology age we use computer to aid our daily...
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    Q? regarding voltage regulator

    Hi! Your problem is somwhat very usual... I think your regulator is enough.. the only thing you do are improving the quality of heatsink and built in colling fan..thats all... try to use aluminum bars with inch thick....if that is wanted to have....
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    Looking for sample thesis in mechatronic

    Project thesis Hi!! I am also do the same as your'se maybe you we should know first what is your project is all about because when in the time you will defend for that in the middle of your research professor you probably know what is the lack... PLS.DO..IT..SYSTEMATIC....
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    Overvoltage and Undervoltage

    Actually the overvoltage is depend upon the load.. Too much loads will create this because the the loads consume much current and the resulting to decreasing its voltage... it is the voltage resistance and current relationship.... more loads more current is require and the resistance of the wire...
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    Help me identify a broken plastic part in a phone

    Phone broken Hi!! You just change it anayway...for you to make your phone operate because when there is another surge or the lightning strikes your phone again you will replace it a whole phone..please replace it in thesame value....because when you did not change it it is like a short circuit...
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    LG DVD Player Problem...

    Hi!!! I had been a technician for a long time and exprience that kind of trouble...form my own I tried to change the flex or the ribbon wire attach to its laser or the whole laser.... in other trouble is a loose connection in your ribbon wire and in the supply of the motor...and maybe a loose...
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    Need Help : Inductor & capacitor design for the boost co

    If that so you need to design the step up transformer for you to make the 325 v of power... because the inductor and a capacitor cannot do it because it is mainly a power filter.... If so use the rectifier diode with high breakdown voltage but the problem of this is you cannot control the...
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    Help me with noise caused by power supply

    Noise problem Hi..!!! Try to figure it out... your power supply is too noisy but we have to know what is the real score or what is the load of that power supply... If your power supply is too small than the load of course it will create a noise like it is vibrating.. If your Transformer core is...
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    troubleshooting mainboard circuit

    troubleshooting mainboard When you wish to be a Technician you have to do the step..safety first...!!! go to this site.... https://www.barcode-scanner.org/barcode_scanner/trouble_shooting.html
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    Schematic of class B amplifier using opamp

    Class B amplifier Hi!!! I think you should have your Feedback resistor rated 1meg resistor for every transistor because it may be distorted.. do you tried to make and test this kind of circuit?
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    Dear everyone, as a circuit engineer what are you hobbies?

    Maybe we could not blame you because it is your hobbies but not too much because it makes your life so miserable.. you are just eradicate your life... I tell you the truth I am not as good as you in designing some circuit and not as you as an engineer because I am a technician maybe we are...
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    comparing opamp design wrt BJT vs Cmos

    If you mean about the advantae and the disadvantage there are so many thing here to rememder opamps if you use to say is the most basic design used for a long time, now this opamps is simply say, it is a transistors circuit design used in so many variety of appliances and it make the electronics...
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    DC-DC converter problem

    usually the better understand for this is the driver of the high side is from the +vcc to the load or it boost the b+ to improve its power but decrease its current maybe or better you have to use a high current dc to dc output transistor and in the high side is the Load is connected directly to...

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