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    i need your help urgently for digital clock

    Just register on elektor.com, you'll get 10 point, enough to download article. I make the pcb from the article. Salken kembali bro.
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    i need your help urgently for digital clock

    Sazy, maybe this will help, **broken link removed**
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    Switching Digital Power Supply

    May i take a look your design? I really like waste my time.
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    Switching Digital Power Supply

    What you use? Linear or switching? May i have your schematic? Thanks
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    DC/DC COnverter design on 1MHz osc. freq.

    Search in Maxim or in Linear, they have a lot application note
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    220 volt voltage stabilizer for wind generator

    220 volts voltage stabilizer What do you need, AC or DC? If DC you can use buck-boost converter or flyback converter. If AC may be you can use motorized AVR or Step-up transformer with relay and voltage detector like in avr
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    I need Help About New Ideas On VOIP

    i thing that not a such a good ideas if you want build from scratch
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    How to save 3D image file in eagle

    Usually it automaticly saving the rendered image in bitmap format (I'm using pov ray) in the same directory
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    Switching Digital Power Supply

    What i mean is someting like in https://tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200707/bench-power-supply-unit.shtml . But it use linear, i want change to switching.
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    Help me build AVR USB programmer

    Re: AVR usb programmer Or https://www.tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200705/article07052.shtml
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    Switching Digital Power Supply

    How to control them with atmega8 and display volt and current usage and current limit?
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    Switching Digital Power Supply

    Does anyone have schematic Switching Digital Power Supply? I need power supply 0-30V 5A. Linear regulator not an option, to much power to waste Thanks
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    pic power supply Another digital supply https://tuxgraphics.org/electronics/200707/bench-power-supply-unit.shtml 22v 2,5A or 30V 2A depend on software Usng Atmel ATMega8.
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    How to convert serial to usb connection for a programmer?

    Re: serial to usb Or try Atmel App Note AVR309
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    2MHz frequency counter with PIC 16F84A

    phil rice counter pcb Phil Rice's Home Page https://ironbark.bendigo.latrobe.edu.au/%7Erice/newfm/newfm.html 0-40MHz
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    How can u convert square wave signal to sine wave

    how to convert square to sine Change your inverter with modified sine wave Or technology.niagarac.on.ca/people/mcsele/i2k.htm, Professor Mark Csele's Projects Page - The I2K Power Inverter
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    Connecting Atmega8 directly to PC via USB

    usb atmega Try app note avr309 from atmel

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