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  1. farrokhiyan

    S-parameters measurement

    Hi dear friend See this note: if this note can't help you i think if you refer to your analyzer manual, you can find helpfull information. or search internet for yor analyzer type and measuring methodes that its manufacturer proposed. i wanted to reduce file size to less points decrement for...
  2. farrokhiyan

    S-parameters measurement

    hi it is not easy to measure s parameters in lab bye regular instruments. you need spectrum analyser. it is a precise measurment. for some information please study following note. deleted. free at: https://cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/5952-1087.pdf
  3. farrokhiyan

    RF power amplifier design [hlp]

    pcm rf power amplifier hi you need study about RF amplifiers. in a design process you should first a suitable transistor. drawing stability circles. designing input and output matching networks. designing bias circuit and ... for this personally suggest you to study "microwave transistor...
  4. farrokhiyan

    impedance matching software?

    There are some usefull software on below address. I used Motorola smith chart program (mimp.zip) some times ago. it was too good.

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