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    Toms AVR assembler 1.20 is already out!

    tavrasm 1.20 is out! New version (1.20) of tavrasm (Tom's AVR assembler) is already out . Tavrasm Homepage
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    Nice AT90S/ATmega/ATtiny programmer

    AVR programmer i prefer command line programmer AVReal it works well and author is always responsive
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    avr editor for any user please

    AVR editor If you mean program for comfortably writing code for AVR, then try FTE https://fte.sourceforge.net/ with my modules for AVR-assembler highliting https://svk.city.tomsk.net/files/fte_avr.rar (default FTE already has C-highliting). also, u can to add you option to menu (i.e., i've...

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