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    non-contact real-time heart rate monitoring system using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

    Hello, Is anyone working on the use of the Raspberry Pi Camera module as a heart rate sensor? I am new to using Raspberry Pi. I want to build a non-contact real-time heart rate monitoring system using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Pi NoIR camera. I found two related projects which are...
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    Strong metal detector

    Hello, I would like to make a metal detector strong enough to detect a piece of stainless steel tape in the cable that we make. We make electronic/electric cable, for example, sometimes this cable is bad and from the 50,000 feet we make, we have to cut it 3 times (we call that splices)...
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    I need a critical help in designing a magic toy

    I want design this project for magic shows, and I would like to include this in the act. How Can I design a circuit so I can make the ball move? I need to design circuit for it. The wand will have the transmitter. The ball will have the receiver in it. I want to make it stop when the wand is...
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    Help me in my AM radio transmitter project ..

    Hello , I'm working on a simple short range AM radio transmitter , and I faced some problems which I hope to find solutions here :-) 1st Problem : I designed 1MHz wein bridge oscillator and it's Pspice model works like a charm . so what is the problem ?? :evil: ... the problem is that I was...

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