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    Info on medical image processing and simulation

    image processing what exactly do u want ???
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    Recommend me some PLI tutorials for beginners

    vpi tutorial palnitkar not so good. it deals only with acc and tf...latest is vpi...for start see asic world tutorial on pi(its in the verilog tutorial)
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    hi, cud anyone pass a pdf or a book or some link for learning verilog pli..thanks :) Added after 1 hours 10 minutes: anyone??? anything ?
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    What is synthesis and why we need it?

    synthesis synthesis is if the present tools can make some sense out of ur code, ie.transform it to flops, logic gates, memories etc. or not.
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    advanced vhdl material..books,pdfs etc.

    books advanced vhdl any link will do.... dont think it mite not be advaned enough :)
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    advanced vhdl material..books,pdfs etc.

    advanced vhdl topics plz cud u send any links, upload pdfs, books etc. for advanced vhdl and verilog topics(ie. pointers, testing, writing test bech etc). 10x
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    modelsim memory limitation

    u have no way but to go for the license version. or split ur design using smaller memory or run ur simulation in 2 or more phases with memory split up.
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    [URGENT] How to group the 1s in this Karnaugh Map?

    i am sorry i forgot the name, it;s not charles roth, very few people refer that book because it has strange conventions..
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    [URGENT] How to group the 1s in this Karnaugh Map?

    refer charles roth.he has a very good systematic way of 'how to gtoup'
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    Which book is better to start with?

    allen holberg is also a good one.. Added after 2 minutes: 95% of the market is cmos, so dont worry abt. that. ur basics shud beclear, thats all what they want and whether u can apply ur knowledge to simple problems:)
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    why do clocks go clockwise ?

    wud it had mad a diff. if clocks went counterclockwise ??? no. what if we start calling clockwise as counterclockwise and vice-versa. ?? dont get stck in conventions..
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    From which book will I learn implementing DSP on FPGA?

    which book? vlsi for dsp by parhi wud be a very good bok..dont remeber the name exactly..
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    What is wavelet transformation?

    Re: what is wave-let? i had my project using thedicrete wavelet transform and these r the best link i ever came across..njoy!! https://users.rowan.edu/~polikar/WAVELETS/WTtutorial.html https://perso.wanadoo.fr/polyvalens/clemens/wavelets/wavelets.html
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    4 bit binary counter in FPGA (using VHDL)

    counter in FPGA that code WILL work...waits we dont use as they r not synthesizable..
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    4 bit binary counter in FPGA (using VHDL)

    counter in FPGA ur codingstyle is very poor... try this one...and i too am waitingfor what is rong in ur code ..most probably it is the rising_edge function u use...send meur o/p code sequence ... entity counter is port(txclk,grst:in std_logic; cnt_out:out std_logic_vector(3 downto 0)); end...
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    4 bit binary counter in FPGA (using VHDL)

    Re: counter in FPGA first of all u dont need 8 bits for the count signal ..correct it and then see:) Added after 1 minutes: library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use ieee.std_logic_unsigned.all; entity counter is port(txclk,grst:in std_logic...
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    Help me with CRC calculation problem

    Re: CRC calculation problem will this help ----> https://www.easics.be/webtools/crctool ..dont know ..

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