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    how to run evalfis in matlab when input is array of fis structures

    Hi guys. I am doing optimization of fuzzy logic controllers i.e automated tuning. I have encountered a situation where I need to evaluate the output of each fis structure without using a for loop to call evalfis in matlab. Any suggestions on how to run evalfis(u,FIS) when FIS is an array of FIS...
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    what is the Vref in power converters and MPPT

    It is the PV module operating voltage (Vmp) that gives maximum power (Pmp). It is usually estimated as a fraction of the PV module open circuit voltage (Voc).
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    Motor Types servo motor - shaft encoder motor??

    Re: Motor Types ?? Encoders Encoders use rotating disks with optical windows, as shown in Figure. The encoder contains an optical disk with fine windows etched into it. Light from emitters passes through the openings in the disk to detectors. As the encoder shaft is rotated, the light beams...
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    How to convert 312v dc into 15v dc?

    Re: dc to dc converter It can help if we now the type of source and load, or generally the circuit setup where such a system is used.
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    How to convert 312v dc into 15v dc?

    Re: dc to dc converter You need to design a buck (step-down) converter. For relevant material check-out this book: "Power Electronics: Converters Applications and Design" by N. Mohan, T. Undeland, and W. Robbins
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    What are the advantages of using a 64 bit computer systems

    Re: What are the advantages of using a 64 bit computer syste Sure! My laptop is 64 bit with 64 bit version of vista. You literally have to download 64 bit drivers for all the software that run on 32 bit. The worst bit is not all vendors have 64 bit drivers, they require u to purchase a new...
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    learning BJT's - Saturation Mode - Doubt

    In saturation mode, gate control is lost and the transistor operates like a closed switch
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    What are the advantages of using a 64 bit computer systems

    I'm wondering if there are any real gains of using a 64 bit operating system compared to the more common 32 bit. It is reported that 64 bit processors machines operate slower when running 32 bit operating systems.
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    What is the physical meaning of Pole and Zero?

    Surely, we have guru's of every topic and others may not see the point.
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    Capacitor with a DC motor

    It helps stabilize the motor input voltage from the batteries
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    power transformer questions

    You are right. Your transformer has a centre - tapped secondary.
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    What type of shock is more dangerous

    why is ac more dangerous than dc Ultimately, all depends on the resistance offered by your body to current flow.
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    Looking for materials about six phase rectifiers

    Re: Six phase rectifier Check simulations on MATLAB / Simulink power system blokset.
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    The image of object in Brain Analog or Digital ?

    Guess it is analog. Most or all natural parameters are always continuous.
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    What type of shock is more dangerous

    ac dc fibrillation A DC of at least 30V is enough to kill. Remember dc hits you without a break. AC at least passes through zero!
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    Isolation in ac to dc converters

    Isolation is commonly achieved using transformers to isolate the supply side from the load. The primary side ground pin is not related to the dc side reference. Isolation helps to create another reference for the dc side which is useful for multiple outputs at different dc voltage levels.
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    Why DC value isn't 0 when the power supply is AC?

    Re: ac and dc The ac-dc rectifier you are using is not well designed. You will get a better response if you give the details of the rectifier (OR how you are getting the dc you are measuring). The ripple factor of that rectifier is quite high (i.e. a dc component is super-imposed by an ac...
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    Why DC value isn't 0 when the power supply is AC?

    Re: ac and dc Your ac waveform is distorted and not a pure sine wave. This is common on the grid supply. There are lots of harmonics in the signal.
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    help me i need power supply circuit 24A 5A

    lm338k regulator power supply circuits Is it dc or ac?
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    220 uh nominal inductor,6+a peak

    desulfator build toroid You can also consider purchasing one at www.coilcraft.com. They can even send you free samples.

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