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    Problem with running a program on Spartan 2

    hello I have a problem about programming Xilinx. I program IC Spartan 2 (xc2s150-5pq208) but my program don't run on hardware at all. even first test that generated a pulse on a pin. the pin always remain 1 I don't know what problem it is. please help help help me
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    Protel DXP doesn't identify hardware connected to PC by JTAG

    hello My project is fifo by fpga it must do with protel DXP. I used tsk51a_d and made vhdl program . while hardware connect to pc by Jtag but the software(protel DXP) don't identify. of course fpga IC is Spartan2 (xc2s150-) even edif , syn , place, map are generated. What do I do? please help me
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    "Done pin didn't get high" error when programming Spartan 2 in slave serial mode

    "Done pin didn't get high" error when programming Spartan 2 in slave serial mode hello Do somebody help me ? My problem is about programing Xilinx Spartan 2 (xc2s150 ) I program it by ISE 6.3 software when it's programming in mode slave serial,give a error massage. Done pin didn't get high...
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    Help me write C program for TSK51

    tsk51 design hello My project is "design FIFO by FPGA" . I must work by "DXP Protel " . I used TSK51 in my design.Now I want to write C program . This program is following : 1- inter Data by Keypad 4*4 in Write mode 2- display data on LCD in read mode please help me thanks
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    Help me with designing fifo

    design fifo Hello, I should design it with "DXP" microsoft . I should use TSK51A or TSK51 for building fifo with the microsoft. please help me.[/code]
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    Looking for fifo build by fpga

    building fifo by fpga Hi people, Could anybody go forward and build something? Any interesting to share ?? Regards,

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