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    How to make a graphical LCD controller chip ?

    Re: graphical LCD controller Hello, The S1D13305 from EPSON is a suitable Controller. Have a look at www.mdejong.de Regards Mark,
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    Looking for diagram set Siemens M50

    Do you mean this: Regards,
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    Display from CX65 M65 S65 CXT65 CX70

    s65 lcd pinout The controller is not (yet) known, but the display can be used: **broken link removed** or https://www.mikrocontroller.net/forum/read-4-243641.html#new Regards,
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    PCB prototypes in europe...

    Hello, I am using www.pcb-pool.de , I am very satisfied with the PCBs Greetings Mark,
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    Interfacing 320x240 QVGA LCD?

    Hello, Have a look at www.mdejong.de I have build a controller PCB with the S1D13305. Greeting Mark,
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    Schematic how connect a graphic lcd SED1335 to a uC

    Hello, Have a look at www.mdejong.de it is German, but I can answer question english. Greetings Mark.
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    Tasking Crossview Debugger for Motorola 563xx

    Hello Michal, 4 year back I work at Tasking, developing for the C167 Tools. I am still using the Crossview debugger for the C167, perhaps I can help. The core is the same for all targets. Greetings Mark, P.S. there is also a yahoo group for Tasking.
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    Car Audio Clarion CeNet protocol

    clarion cenet Hello, I am working on a Car MP3 player. I want to use the head unit (Clarion with CeNet) for controlling the MP3 player through the CeNet. The CeNet is a two wire serial bus. Does anyone knows the protocol that Clarion is using? The MP3 player is using: - a C167 controller...
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    USB to SERIAL - any schematics?

    Texas Instruments TUSB3410 Hello, Have a look at the TUSB3410 from Texas Instruments. www.ti.com They also have a evaluation board with all the docu and code available. Greetings Mark, They also send samples.
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    Help me identify an IC with CA0008 AM 253 markings

    Hello Sebi, Do you have the datasheet of this AM2533 ? Can you send it to me? Thanks in advance.
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    Help me identify an IC with CA0008 AM 253 markings

    Hello, The package is a SO-8. Greetings.
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    Help me identify an IC with CA0008 AM 253 markings

    Hello All, I am looking for information the IC with CA0008 AM 253 Printed on it, it is used in a Clarion CeNet system and is used for some kind of serial communication. Can anybody help me. I want to re-engineer the CeNet bus protocol. Thank in advance

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