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    video streaming GUI design

    I want to design a GUI that capture video stream from camera plugged to USB port. I am looking for sources to read about how to do that, and if possible some open sources code. Also, what would be the easiest language to program this kind of design ?
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    USB 2.0 Interface for FPGA

    I am using a USB to interface between my FPGA and PC, information will be displayed GUI. I am not sure how this works ! FPGA will process 3D depth map and pass it to the PC using USB I am using Spartan 6 FPGA, 2.0 USB connection in the FPGA, Programming the GUI in C language. GUI is collecting...
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    How to measure the framerate per second?

    Hey guys, I am using an FPGA to calculate an algorithm for a depth map. I am expecting to provide at least 20 fps, and I am not sure how to measure that. Can u please help ?
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    implement image processing algorithms to FPGA

    What's the best way of implementing image processing algorithms to an FPGA ? Could you tell some helpful links ? or PDF files ?

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