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    REQ: AD1804 - Could anybody share this datasheet ?

    REQ: AD1804 datasheet Hello ! Could anybody share this datasheet ? thanks
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    Please, advice a Single-Chip Camera Module

    Please, advice me cheap Single-Chip Camera Module I need something like module on the link https://www.ic-media.com/products/ICM532B.htm but with parallel interface instead of USB. I can't find modules with lens and with parallel interface. vladz
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    @ltera Cyclone power consumption ?

    I plan to use Cyclone EP1C6 in my new design but I can't find any info about Cyclone's power consumption. It is curiously as I know Cyclone is available now. Can anybody share inormation about power consumption of Cyclone devices ? thanks in advance vladz
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    What does mean "over voltage protection" in AC/DC

    Pease explain me what does mean "over voltage protection" in in AC/DC switching adapter characteristics ? For example I see the following characteristics: VOLTAGE : AC INPUT 90Vac TO 264Vac, FULL RANGE OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS:+15 V, RATE LOAD 2.2 A PROTECTION : OVER LOAD PROTECTION : AROUND 150...
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    What does mean Punch, Route and Hand Cut regarding to PCB ?

    choosing pcb punching or routing Explain me, please, What does mean Punch, Route and Hand Cut regarding to PCB outline ? English is not my native language, so I don't understand cleraly these definition. When I order Route PCB ouline, will I obatin from manufacturer several PCBs joined in one...
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    Does anybody use Intel XScale with Macraigor OCD Commander ?

    There is a Intel XScale PXA250 menu in OCDCommander, but when I try to connect to PXA 250 I see message "Cable disconnected". Does anybody have successful experience in it ? Thanks vladz
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    Need help with Smart Battery protocol

    smart battery protocol I want to use in my system Battery with smart capability (GPDR202). Could anybody explain me how I sould conect to it. I downloaded docs from www.sbs-forum.org but I can't find Slave Address of the battery on the SMBbus. Is this address unique for each battery. How I can...
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    Need source code of WDM driver for PCI device

    pci driver source code Share it, please Thanks VladZ

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