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    lead acid charger schematic with maintenance charging

    3 stage charger lead acid battery schema I'm not exactly sure I understand the question: do you mean: 1) Current comming from the solar panels? (It's never the case anyway due to variation of the light during the day etc..) 2) The current from the bateries (never the case anyway due to cell...
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    XP Regedit disabled! help!

    Just a word of warning.. With restore point.. It's all very nice, however if a trojan, worm, virus(es) are present, then of course the 'backup' zone will keep them. So I would be sort of careful with this and insure that the backup does not contain nasty little monsters.. :-) Cheers
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    Looking for good tutorial on CPLD/FPGA design

    CPLD design If you intend to design with cpld or fpga, somehow you'll need to learn a language (Either Verilog or VHDL). A good interactive tutorial is the Esperan one.. Takes you by the hand and brings you to an acceptable level. (https://www.esperan.com/) Following you'll need to synthesise...
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    XP Regedit disabled! help!

    Assuming that you can enter windows: - click 'RUN' - type 'regedit' - click on 'File' - click on 'Export' Best to save it on a floppy or USB Hard drive. Assuming that you can't enter windows: Norton ghost is effectively a very good tool. but I'm afraid that if you did not install it prior your...
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    How to program a robot with speech using Atmel's 8051?

    robot with speech I do agree with glenjoy, I personally use the ISD5008 which is SPI compatible. Great results no headeache :-)
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    How does RTOS fulfill its functions?

    [help] about RTOS One simplistic answer would be that everything is based on a clock 'tick' so instead of finishing a linear piece of code, an interrupt is generated on each 'tick'. The interrupt processing decide then that such thread must be interrupted (too long) or may continue.. And so on...
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    What's the best OS for embedded?

    What Os is the best As the 'chinese officials' have declared being against "wintel (windows + intel) it makes sense to choose Linux. However you did not mentionned if your application is real time or not.. May be a simple RTOS with file handling would be sufficient ? :-)
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    Windows NT and Intel iRMX which one is better

    I guess the advantage of iRMX is that it has a definite known time to answer an interrupt. NT guarantees absolutely nothing. As for example it may spend 100 milliseconds checking a physical drive:-( So if you are doing real time stuff.. You are stuffed as well ! Video being one of the most...
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    USB mass storage reference design

    I have used the PL2307 from Cypress.. Never know, what do you want to know ? Cheers :-)
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    Modelsim error code 211 : segmentation violation..What to do

    file error 211 If you're sure that your lic file is ok, try to place it in a new folder. Call it for example msim.dat in toto folder. In the environment variables, add the new environment. example: LM_LICENSE_FILE set to c:\flexlm\license.dat change it to c:\toto\msim.dat;c:\flexlm\license.dat...
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    XP Regedit disabled! help!

    Another 'important' thing is to make a backup of your registry too.. Just in case things turns out differently that what you expected. :-)
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    Winzip password recovery

    recover winzip password Advanced ZIP Password Recovery: This program (Advanced ZIP Password Recovery, or simply AZPR) can be used to recover the lost password for a ZIP archive. At the moment, there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file, so the only available...
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    S12 CodeWarrior Compiler

    Just my 2 cents worth.. - Create a new project - add your files - and compile the lot.. Works like a charm. :-)
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    a warning about design compile: fanout

    May be you're trying to drive to many entites with one single signal. try to share.. As you don't give a lot of details on the tool set used, or the language either it's really difficult to help you :-)
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    Concept HDL/Orcad Capture simultaneous installation

    Be aware in PSD 15.1 that you have to install the libraries separately from the third CD for concept HDL though.. And effectively, there is no problem whatsoever. Cheers :-)
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    PSD 15.0 Signal integrity simulation models

    1) Try to install version 15.1 instead. 2) The lic file defines what is going to be installed or not. Good luck :-)
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    Freescale MC68HC908BD48 questions

    I would say that you want to run a racing car but has never been on track before..:-) There are plenty of source code around for the IEC (see phillips examples, search with google). Now it is of course an exellent micro controller and can be programmed in assembler but remember murphy's law...
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    One transistor to energise a 24V relay - How?

    Ianp idea is pretty good.. However I would rather use an N-Channel power FET ( with a digital level gate) as they have few advantages over P-channel. - easier to source than P channel - more choices of RDS on in small power version. As you did not mentionned the current required by your relay...
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    How to make an LCD serial interface

    Re: lcd serial interface Thank you Buriedcode for your input. In my mind the serail uart is part of the cpld. So it's a one chip solution (exept if RS232 is required, as you mentionned very justly, then a 232 transmitter is required.) :-)
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    How to make an LCD serial interface

    lcd parallel to serial interface Just a 2 cents idea: Use a CPLD to convert your serial stream to parallel. As an example a simple EP3064 from Altera would do the Job. Aantage: - A CPLD could have a state machine which would initiate your LCD at startup. - It would take care of the low level...

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