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    5V to 12V charge management IC

    5V to 12V charge mangement IC Hi, I am looking for a 5V to 12V power management IC. My input voltage is 5V and I want to charge 3 Li-ion batteries (3.7 V each) connected in series. I looked it up but couldn't find anything appropriate. Can you recommend me an IC for it? Thanks
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    True Voltage level from dB in Audacity?

    Hi, I generated a linearly frequency modulated signal (40kHz-45kHz) in Audacity software with an amplitude of 1. Ideally, the gain should be 0dB in this frequency range. But, when I use the Plot Spectrum option in Audacity, the gain is not 0dB but less. And as I increase the size e.g. from...
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    Reciprocal Transducer?

    Hi, I have two similar piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers and I have to calculate the transmit and receive sensitivity. I have a small tank and I can calculate the receive sensitivity by comparing my transducer with the calibrated hydrophone. For the transmit sensitivity can I assume that it...
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    Magnitude/Gain of a Signal

    Hi, I have a chirp signal whose frequency vary from 18kHz to 23kHz. I have a transmitter and a receiver which sends and receives the chirp signal respectively. Now, I want to measure the magnitude/gain of the signal at different distances (e.g. 1m, 2m, 3m etc). What I do is that I take the FFT...
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    LM4950 audio amplifier clicking sound and signal distortion?

    Hi, I am using LM4950 audio amplifier with DAC to amplify my audio signal. The output of the LM4950 is connected to the transformer and the output of the transformer is connected to ultrasonic transducer. The shutdown pin is continuously high, which means that the amplifier is continuously...
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    [Moved]: LTSpice simple transformer simulation problem

    Hi, I am trying to simulate a simple transformer in LTSpice and want to measure the current and voltage. I started with a simple cirucit to measure the current in the primary and secondary circuit as shown in the attached fig. When I simulated this, I found quite strange result. On the...
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    3V to 12V transformer?

    Hello, I want to convert a low voltage analog ac signal having 3V amp. to 12V using a transformer for a 3W load. I tried to search it on the internet but couldn't find any. Please send me a link if anyone of you has already worked on it. Thank you.
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    SIM900 as a tcp server

    Hi, I want to use sim900 as a tcp server and want to receive and send data from/to the remote client. I have a question regarding receiving data from the remote client. When I receive data from the remote client, will sim900 automatically transmit it on its serial port or I have to send some...
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    USART sim900 and Atmega32

    I want to interface sim900 with atmega via UART. I need only Tx,Rx and Gnd pin for interfacing it with atmega32....right?? and secondly how can I interface sim900 with PC....Do i need DTR,RTS etc pins also along with tx,rx,gnd?? Also I want to keep my GSM modem 'on' all the time....so when...
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    MMA8451Q accelerometer

    In MMA8451Q datasheet, it is not clearly mentioned whether accelerometer will switch from ACTIVE mode to STANDBY mode if "ACTIVE bit" is enabled and "SLPE bit" is disabled. Actually I want to keep the IC wake at all times. Which bits should I enable or disable to keep IC "wake" at all times (I...
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    ADIS16362 interfacing problem with ATMega32

    Hi, I have interfaced ATMega32 MCU with ADIS16362. I am facing a problem. When I make CS low and start reading data in burst-out mode, it gives garbage values, but when CS is continuously high, I get correct values but after some time there is a garbage data (0xFFFF) from all the output...

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