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    LT1376- a linear circuit or a linear/digital circuit?

    LT1376 the problem is that I'm making a reliability prediction analysis with the IEC TR 62380 standard and for integrated circuits it distinguishes between MOS, Bipolar and BiCMOS circuits and in this categories it is possible to choose between linear, digital, linear/digital,...
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    LT1376- a linear circuit or a linear/digital circuit?

    LT1376 Hi, the step-down swtiching regulator LT1376 is to consider as a linear circuit or as a linear/digital circuit? The block schema in the datasheet as a SR flip-flop so I think that it has to be considered as linear/digital circuit. Thank you Enea
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    high gain differential dc gain of the opamp

    calculating power consumption of op amp Hi, to calculate the power dissipation in a op-amp where the positive supply voltage is 12.25V and the negative supply voltage is 0V is it ok to multiply the positive supply voltage with the current drawn from it? Thank you Enea
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    Ceramic Capacitor Class Identification

    capacitor class Hi, is it possible to recognize the class (I or II) of a surface mount ceramic capacitor only by looking at the component? Thanks Enea
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    SPICE model for Mitsubishi IGBT

    igbt spice model Hi, does anyone have a SPICE model for the Mitsubishi HVIGBT CM600HG-130H or a free software to obtain the SPICE model from the informations present in the datasheet? Thank you Enea
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    Texas Instruments TLC372 PSpice Model

    tlc372 Has someone of you already used the TI model provided for PSpice? I downloaded it and tried to simulate the comparator by having a voltage at the non-inverting input larger than the one at the inverting input but the output is always near 0V. Here the model...
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    Identification of electronic components

    w9c cpacitor It is a gate driver unit for 6.5kV IGBTs. On the lower left there is a "big" voltage divider needed to measure the voltage between collector and emitter. I found some of the components looking at SMD marking code databases, but I couldn't find everything.
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    Identification of electronic components

    identification of electronic components Hi, I'm analyzing the circuit shown in the image and I need to recognize the 3 marked elements. The T27I is a diode but I have no idea of the manufacturer. The other two components have a SOT23 package and are marked with A7 9(rotated of 90°) and W9C...
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    fuse rating forhigh frequencies

    fuse rating hi, can a fuse support a high frequency voltage?
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    design of gate drivers - askingfor advice

    Re: design of gate drivers yes i also thought about using a pulse transformer with two outputs isolated from each other and to make it simpler i decided to use two isolated dc/dc converter from TracoPower which are small and efficient.
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    design of gate drivers - askingfor advice

    Re: design of gate drivers For the H-bridge I thought about using two high-low side drivers which use a bootstrap circuit. My question was about the drivers for the switches S1 and S2.
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    design of gate drivers - askingfor advice

    design of gate drivers Hi, I need to design the gate drivers for the 2 swiches (S1 and S2) on the secondary side of this circuit. They are two bi-directional switches with this topology. The source potential is floating so I need a supply that gives the needed voltage (in this case 10-12V)...
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    capacitor for series resonant inverter

    calculate series resonant capacitor i found this capacitor **broken link removed** i can use 10 capacitors 22nF/2000VDC/500Vrms to obtain 0.22uF but there is no mention about the current. Another question is if it's reasonable to have so many capacitors in parallel... Thank you
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    capacitor for series resonant inverter

    series resonant inverter Hi, I'm trying to build an inverter that uses series resonance in order to achieve soft switching, the problem is that I need a capacitor of 0.33uF that can withstand a voltage of 320Vrms at 50 kHz. I have not much experience and I couldn't find any capacitor that could...
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    computation of the resistance on HFSS

    Hi, I have an inductor and to compute the value of the inductance I use the formula L=-1/(im(Y11)*2*pi*Freq), to compute the value of the resistance is the formula R=1/(re(Y11)*2*pi*Freq) correct? Thank you Enea
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    modal data and terminal data

    Hi, when solving with driven terminal I obtain two type of S-matrix. One from the modal data and one from the terminal data. Which is the difference between this two type of matrices? And which should I use for multiconductor transmission lines? Thanks enea
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    Transformer simulation

    simulation transformer Hi, I tried to modify my model in order to set the feeding. But when starting the simulation I get this error (Port refinement, process hf3d error: Port face does not have a solved inside material on either side). Can someone help me please? In attachment there is the...
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    transformer simulation in hfss

    Hi, i'm new to hfss. I need to simulate a transformer but I don't know how to set a voltage source in the primary side. Do I only need to set a voltage source on one face and then set infinite ground plane on the other end? Can someone help me? Thank you in advance. Enea

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