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    Help me interface an optical mouse

    Optical mouse technique? Hi there! I have an idea of using Optical mouse for line-following robot. The problem is that I don't know exactly way to interface with it. Could you please give me some information about Optical mouse (links, datasheets...)? I need to know about it's input, output...
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    Looking for VOIP tools for H323 and SIP protocols

    VOIP tools neeeeed!!! Hi there! I have a project on VoIP (Voice over IP). I have learnt H323 and SIP protocols. Now I have to built a program run on one of the two protocols. I use VB but I don't have tools on these protocols. Could you please give me some links or upload here tools for me...
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    Expereince in connecting Joytick PS2 to MCU

    joystick mcu Hi there! I have a project on MCU. I must connect the Joystick PS2 to MCU for controll signal. The MCU is programed to interface with the Joystick to get the controll signal. The software works quite good. The problem is that I don't know why the Joystick PS2 is broken. I think...
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    VHF Power Amplify Circuit

    Hi all! I have a circuit schematic ( in OrCad capture *.dsn) on VHF Power Amplify. I post here for you. If you were interested in this circuit, you could discuss with me! I built once for 98MHz and it work OK! So if you need some advices asking me! Regard, nhutdtvt
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    Wavelet toolbox of MatLab

    hi all! im newbie! i have expereince on using wavelet toolbox of Matlab. i think we can discuss about it if you want. im very happy to share all my expereince to improve my knowledge! tell me if you want to discuss or need help!! Regard, nhut
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    Expereince in Orcad Layout

    hi all!! im newbie! i have experience in Orcad Layout and i very happy if my expereince were helpful for you!!! Tell me if you need help!! Regard, nhut
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    Plz help me on Image Processing using Gabor filter!!!

    gabor filter image processing hi all! im newbie!!im doing a project about image processing using Gabor filter. Plz help me!!! Thanks a lot!!!

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