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    Circuit and Pic program for multi parameter tester

    Looks like you have all you need. Theory of how to test. Circuit diagrams. Source code. The transistor test is, as expected, just 2x the diode test on each bipolar transistor junction. The diode test is just continuity testing in each direction. Continuity testing is applying a voltage and...
  2. J

    Circuit and Pic program for multi parameter tester

    I'm not going design it for you but if you need help, answer the following yourself - they are the essential first questions to figure out. 1. What are the tests requires to accomplish these functions? How do you "know" when these devices are good or bad? Hint: Multimeter test for diodes and...
  3. J

    how to find average leakage power and lcircuit capacitance at output???

    Don't know specifically how set up it up in Cadence, but if you are using a SPICE-like circuit simulator, it should be just a matter of reading off the Vdd current. Otherwise I'd assume in a pure digital simulator of modern vintage that this would be an option of any simulation. An opportunity...
  4. J

    Circuit and Pic program for multi parameter tester

    Cheap and easy solution: buy a cheap DMM that has these functions built-in. Typical cost: US$ 20-50 at most. If you need it commercially, I can sell you something for production test that does this. Not for free, naturally.
  5. J

    Nano Volt DC amplifier

    This is a tricky area. Look up the formula for thermal noise voltage. Basically these amplifiers are operating on the bleeding edge of what's theoretically (and practically) possible. And it's not even just the circuit that is tricky - how you assemble them also. A typical solder joint will...
  6. J

    how to find average leakage power and lcircuit capacitance at output???

    Average leakage power is related to Idd and Iddq parameters - either simulated or measured (better). Google the these terms. Capacitance seen by the output is your load which is application dependent. There is typically a maximum load capacitance defined for any given logic family or specific...
  7. J

    Can anyone expln selection & calculation of Heat sinks for Rectification using IGBT

    Re: Can anyone expln selection & calculation of Heat sinks for Rectification using I Application notes from various IGBT vendors (like International Rectifier) generally cover this kind of thing better than what could be written here off the top of my head. International Rectifier -...
  8. J

    Question on 75 ohms system with 50 ohms test equipment

    All the relations and definitions hold except that the characteristic impedance is different (0 dBm, etc.) To use 50 ohm equipment on 75 ohm DUTs, you (obviously) will have a serious mismatch problem. Using just attenuator pads is one way because it simply attenuates the reflections away -...
  9. J

    pertinence of Valve Amplifiers

    In terms of reliability: valves/tubes typically have life times in a 0-10 year range even operating at room temperature. Semiconductors can have lifetimes from 10-10,000 years depending on the geometry (generally larger last longer, smaller not so much) and operating environment. If you've...
  10. J

    Need help about receiver noise figure measurement

    Use the source (not the force), Luke: Agilent Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements cp.literature.agilent.com/litweb/pdf/5952-8255E.pdf
  11. J

    Help Required:FOlded cascode Design

    Check to make sure every one of your transistors is biased in forward linear mode. For bipolars this means Vbe>0 and Vbc<0 for NPN and for mosfets this means vgs>0 and vds>vgs for NMOS. Reverse for P devices. SPICE will pop these values out for all transistors in the raw simulation output. It...
  12. J

    How to improve the PSR of my fully differential op?

    Remember what PSRR is. It's always useful to go back to basics! Power is common mode while your signal is differential mode. PSRR is approximately Adiff / Acm, so make circuit changes that alter this ratio in the right direction. For example, diff pair current mirrors assure that common...
  13. J

    changing wavelength of led

    Not without changing the reliability of the device. For fun we once dunked an LED in LN2 and pumped nearly 10A into it - its bands certainly got bent and its wavelength changed but it didn't survive more than a few minutes even in LN2. For most LEDs there are two ways wavelength is controlled...
  14. J

    S-parameters; reflexion factor and transmission factor

    What are the axes you are choosing? That should tell you want you are looking at. Usually a rectangular plot is complex sij vs. frequency. For sii or sjj you could use a rectangular plot but the more conventional and useful thing is to use a Smith chart. In terms of interpretation, remember...
  15. J

    Why pure conductor has infinite relative permitivity

    If it's infinite it doesn't much matter whether you are talking about absolute or relative permittivity, does it. Think about what permittivity (or dielectric constant) physically means. It describes the degree to which an applied electrostatic field induces a counter polarization field within...
  16. J

    Tunneling & Dielectric Constant

    There can be statistical correlation in specific cases but not generally. Tunneling is always dependent on barrier energy height, barrier thickness and barrier band geometry, and that's it. There are no other dependencies for tunneling - such is the world of quantum mechanics. The dielectric...
  17. J

    Imaginary numbers - represent in the real life

    Re: Imaginary numbers - explanation needed The best tutorials I've seen are: https://betterexplained.com/articles/a-visual-intuitive-guide-to-imaginary-numbers/ https://betterexplained.com/articles/intuitive-arithmetic-with-complex-numbers/
  18. J

    Practicle Iplementation of SCR rectifier

    Depending on the battery technology, this could be a dangerous way to charge. Especially high energy chemistries (Li) could be caused to explode with this kind of AC charging. Lead-acid you could probably get away with this. You should probably review linear and switching power supply design...
  19. J

    need a software simulation for material thin film depositio

    Re: need a software simulation for material thin film depos SUPREM or PISCES https://www-tcad.stanford.edu/
  20. J

    Does characterization of Transmission lines need buffers

    BER is a purely digital test that doesn't really pay attention to analog subtleties like impedance match or reflection coefficients like an analog microwave application would worry about. The "quality" of the transmission line would be determined by the BER rather than some physically object...

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