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    Lots of opnings for VLSI at Bangalore !!!

    What pay package can one expect after the course.
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    Computer mouse sensor problem

    Computer mouse sensor Has anyone used the sensors from those common mechanical computer mouse.What kind of sensor is it? Is it a plain phototransistor or some chip. It has three pins.In the mouse board centre pin is connected to positive supply and the other two pins are connected directly to...
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    Problem with 15 resistors in a series

    Re: resistors It is most probably because your multimeter just is not designed for measuring such high resistances. You need specialised meters and setup to measure such high resistances Check the specs of your meter. My sanwa meter measures only upto 30Mohm. Another cheap chinese one measures...
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    Query Abt FM & AM

    FM is preffered over AM because 1. FM is frequency modulation and AM is amplitude modulation. Noise generally distorts amplitude,so FM is less prone to noise. 2.In FM there is less inter-channel interference. 3.In FM your can transmit CD quality sound(that is upto 15khz frequency which...
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    Looking for a Burglar Alarm cicruit

    Re: Burgular Alarm Here are some links https://www.zen22142.zen.co.uk/Circuits/Alarm/secur.htm This one has many different types of alarms. https://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/sensors/030/index.html This is a really cool one. https://www.electroflash.org.nz/resources/ideas8.htm A school...
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    Wanted pulse oximeter plans

    Hi, I am new to this group.I require plans for designing a pulse oximeter,preferably pic based.Does anyone have ready plans or know of any links to such plans. Thanks a lot

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