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    keil 710 evaluate - download problem

    Who may download evaluate version from keil web?
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    Did Synopsis made a mistake on their website?

    who know why? synopsis wrote on web DC 2002.5 but i know DC 2003.12 why is it?
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    Where can I get up51v710 update from Keil?

    out new update from Keil up51v710 - who know where?
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    Which software does genesis?

    who does genesis? help me to pm :)
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    Which is better iar_arm_4.10 or cw 1.1.4?

    iar_arm_4.10 vs cw 1.1.4 i install iar_arm_4.10 full and cw 1.1.4 which is the better? :)
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    who does know about Sp for quartus4?

    because Q4 dont create pof for family cpld MAX II :cry: or may be it is late- after sale ic MAX II ?
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    There is no difference between psd15.1 and psd15.0

    psd15.1 vs psd15.0 i install PSD15.1 and see that error in psd15.1 the same how in psd15.0 but all version product has new version :oops: when will be see psd15.2 ? :P
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    i have identy 1.2 from symplicy

    who has license for it? help me i may upload exe if you has fast ftp
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    you may install PSD 15 on WIN9X only parts

    Capture Laouyt Specctra but it is anough for simple work

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