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  1. J

    cadence mixer test bench

    please any one explain arrangment of LO & IF Port
  2. J

    cadence mixer test bench

    hi anybody can please explain me why this LO signal is given with this arrangement, what is the purpose of VCVS and at IF port also dc port is connected with 50 ohm value and again using VCVS. here is the figure of test bench
  3. J

    how gain remain same in mixer using current bleeding

    hi i have designed mixer using current bleeding. in this method we are decreasing current through LO stage to decrease noise by directly injecting current in to RF stage , but this will also reduce current of load resistor than how gain increases because gain = 2/Pi (gm.RL) please explain...
  4. J

    biasing network for RF system

    hi i have designed RF mixer, for Biasing purpose i have used simple voltage devider arrangement using two PMOS is it Ok? or some biasing network need to be design? image is attached here with, in some literature i have seen Resistance is connected between biasing terminal & gate of MOSFET...
  5. J

    which resistor, capacitor, should be used in RF design

    hi i m designing RF mixer in cadence which resistor, capacitor, inductor etc should be used normal(given in analog lab library) or given in tsmc 0.18 library.
  6. J

    input impedance of mixer in cadence

    thank u BigBoss for your reply that means if i m measuring input impedance of mixer at port using PSP in cadence & RF port is suppose port no. 1 than ZM1 will give me input impedance of circuit....is it right? so it will give me impedance of single input of mixer other will be same because it...
  7. J

    input impedance of mixer in cadence

    hi thank u edaboard members for helping me a lot... i m simulating gilbert mixer for finding its input impedance i tried it using s-parameter in cadence but the test bench i used have a balun at RF port so while measuring Z11, i think it gives input impedance at single ended input of balun but...
  8. J

    mixer gain calculation

    voltage gain of gilbert mixer is of 10dB, it is voltage gain but in some literature they convert it using dB = 10log(gain) rather than using 20log(gain)
  9. J

    mixer isolation value comes negative but papers shows it positive

    thank u very much for ur reply i need more explaination how can i explain it in my presentation because in graph it is showing negative
  10. J

    mixer isolation value comes negative but papers shows it positive

    hi i have designed down conversion mixer it isolation shows negative results(between -65 to -70) many papers i have seen they consider it as positive means 65db isolation here one paper image link is attached https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/2197191600_1431599923.jpg please help
  11. J

    how to plot spectrum of two tone analysis of mixer in cadence

    no no in two tone analysis for calculating iip3 in mixer two input tone one is RF(w1)& second is very close to RF(w2) is applied together with LO signal. So output will contain (2*w1-w2)-Lo & (2*w2-w1)-LO. If i m applying 3.48GHz LO signal,i need to plot spectrum of all possible harmonics. i.e...
  12. J

    how to plot spectrum of two tone analysis of mixer in cadence

    ya PSS is giving but in two tone we have to apply RF, LO together with second tone. so if i m using only pss than i cant apply second tone so for that i m doing qpas analysis , but output spectrum with this 3d oder harmonic together with other harmonics is not generated
  13. J

    how to plot spectrum of two tone analysis of mixer in cadence

    hi i m designing mixer for that i need to plot spectrum of two tone analysis(3rd order products).i want to see the 3rd order harmonics with desired signal in frequency domain in cadence spectre please help
  14. J

    how to measure input impedance of gilbert mixer in cadence

    hi i m have designed gilbert mixer now i m trying to find its input impedance. i have used single to differential network (not balun) for Rf and LO port. now how input impedance is measured i m working in cadence spectre. anyone have some idea please reply me.
  15. J

    how to plot iip3 vs gate biasing dc voltage for DS method in cadence

    hi friends i m designing mixer for that i m using DS method to improve iip3 point. in this method i need to see the change in iip3 with dc gate voltage of mosfet. i m using cadence vertuoso and analysis i m doing for iip3 are qpss and qpac please reply
  16. J

    wideband mixer design-cadence

    you have to vary input frequency according to your application in different analysis
  17. J

    how to design perfect mixer

    no ,perfect means i m designing mixer for certain gain but when i m simulating it gain is very far away from value which i consider during design
  18. J

    how to design perfect mixer

    hi i m designing RF mixer for 10db using formulas but when i m simulate it in cadence gain is very low and other than for which i designed it is coming around -10db
  19. J

    how to plot gm/Id plot in cadence 5.1.41

    hi i want to plot gm/id plot and using cadence 5.1.41 so please help me for the same

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