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    Why input signal level is measured in dBm/Hz?

    I saw a datasheet indicated the input signal level is -173 dBm/Hz. Why dBm/Hz ? Could someone please kindly advise and thanks.
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    Sensitivity spread in Crystal unit

    What dose "senstivity spread" mean in crystal unit ? Thanks.
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    What's the difference btw series/parallel resonant crystal

    parallel resonant crystal I don't understand what's the difference btw series resonant crystal and parallel resonant crystal ? Are they the same in crystal manafacture ? In what application I need series one and in what application I need parallel one ? Thanks for your kindly advice.
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    Looking for fundamental theory and design of Xtal oscillator

    Xtal oscillator Can someone provide fundamental theory & design of Xtal oscillator ? Thanks a lot.
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    How to calculate matching loss

    I would like to know how much power is lost on matching network when you design a matching. Could anyone advise how to calculate matching loss? Thanks a lot.
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    Why does CMOS not a good choice for PA design ?

    What is the limitation & disadvantage ? Thanks a lot.
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    Downconverting in receiver architecture

    Receiver Architecture From traditional recever(2 stage downconverting) to modern receiver (1 stage downconverting, low IF or Zero IF) structure, what's the progress of design for this ? I mean why it can not just downconvert the freq from RF to Zero-IF in the past instead of using 2 mixers...
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    What does "bandgap" stand for ?

    I saw a block called "Bandgap Voltage" from a transceiver datasheet. Could any expert advise what the function it is? Thanks a lot.
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    Noise Figure in blocking conditions

    Can someone instruct what it means ? I saw it from transceiver datasheet for cellular phone.
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    What is "Two-Point Modulation Scheme" ?

    two point modulation pdf Can someone advise when I can find related data. Thanks.
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    How does a crystal oscillator work?

    Crystal Oscillator Can someone tell me how crystal oscillator work and circuits structure? Why does it use crystal ? What's the advantage and why ? Thanks for your advise.
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    What does "wrapper" stand for ?

    I saw a block named "wrapper" in the chip system diagram. Could someone advise what does it mean ? Thanks.
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    What does "wrapper" standard for ?

    I saw a name "wrapper" in a DSP block for something application. Could someone advise what wrapper stands for ? Thanks.
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    Why in old GSM circuits both RX-VCO and TX-VCO were used?

    In GSM circuits, I saw a few old platform with RX-VCO & TX-VCO. Why can't it just use one VCO instead of two VCO ? Thanks.
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    Transistor for switch purpose

    Could any expert advise the transistor selection for switch purpose. Should I choose BJT or MOS ? What's the character btw them for switch purpose. Thanks.
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    How to design voltage converter ?

    max1834 circuit I'm sorry I lost some information to you. I got a (1) 1.8V / 45mA logic signal ("Hi"), (2) 2.8V constant voltage source how can I transform 1.8V / 45mA logic signal into 2.6V / 10mA(Max) by the simplest circuit (supposed digital transistor)? Could any expert advise which...
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    Look for ADS training data for advanced application

    Hi Where can I get ADS training files(RF) for advanced application. I have basic training slide & material but I would like to study it deeply. Please advise and thanks.
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    Matching configuration for FM radio

    Matching for FM radio I got a FM radio matching configuration figure, can someone advise why it add a 1000pF capacitor btw VNA & matching network? Thanks a lot.
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    FM radio sensitivity ?

    sinad in fm radio 12dB SINAD 0.158uV (SINAD 12dB) Could someone advise the explanation of above spec and the way of measurement. Thanks a lot.
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    How to measure insertion loss of this spring connector ?

    Could someone please advise the way you would measure the insertion loss of this spring connector ? The frequency range is from 800MHz ~ 2GHz. Thanks a lot.

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