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    Angstrom Design Automation DECIMM ESD software

    Anyone used or tried out DECIMM ESD simulation software? www.angstromda.com Got no reply last time I asked but that was some years ago.
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    n+/psub (native) ESD diodes

    Typically ESD diodes to ground will be n+ in Pwell, but in a process with native option n+ in psub without the Pwell implant is an alternative. This can have lower junction capacitance so would seem useful for a lower capacitance ESD diode. Are there any disadvantages for these diode types for...
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    DECSIMM ESD simulation tool

    DECIMM ESD simulation tool Anyone tried this simulation software? About the Book - ESD Design for Analog Circuits Thanks, R (No connection with angstromda) [edit] Just corrected name in title. I'll take the silence as a no...
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    MOS mismatch vs temperature

    Anyone seen any information about how MOS mismatch changes vs temperature? For a circuit with trimming or calibration this can be important. I found one source which claims matching improves at higher temperature but I would be interested to know if this has been found elsewhere...
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    information needed on the effect of backbias on mismatch

    mismatch with backbias? Anyone got any information on the effect of backbias on mismatch? I have a circuit which is varying more than expected. The foundry model doesn't take the effect of backbias on the mismatch, which could be part of the problem. I found a few papers which showed mismatch...
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    multi-threaded LTspice/intel i7

    LTspice has recently been upgraded to support multiple threads. I've never got round to trying this simulator but will give it a try soon. Mike Engelhardt of Linear Tech says the intel i7 is currently the fastest processor for LTspice - it can be 2x compared to a quad core. Anyone tried the i7...
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    Which unix shell for Windows?

    In the instructions for the Windows version of Hsim it says Hsim should be called from a unix shell, not a DOS command prompt. Which unix shell that can run in a Windows environment would folks recommend for ease of use/installation etc? Thanks, R
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    Gate length to prevent hot electron transistor shifts

    I am trying to track down some recommendations about gate lengths to prevent shifts in nmos transistor parameters vs Vds for 0.25um & 0.35um. In the past I have come across tables from the foundry but I can't find any such information at the moment. From memory I think the effect is worst when...

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