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    introduction to remote controller

    check https://www.epanorama.net there are lots of info abour RC
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    Looking for the schematic of a infra red remote control car

    Re: infra red remote control it will be easier buying a remote control for TV and using it as transmitter. Especially RC5 coding is easy to decode. Buy a sony RC unit and use it in your receiver.
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    Operation principle of IR remote control

    Re: IR remote control check this www.inertermic.net/RC5/index.html
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    can i measure AC voltage with a mcu with only resistance?

    Re: can i measure AC voltage with a mcu with only resistance without aux. ADC or built-in ADC it seems not possible. Bu as a theory, if you know the frequency of AC signal, you can make a R-2R ladder to create a DAC synchrosed with your test signal at zero-crossing. By changing amplitude of DAC...
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    Looking for books/articles about DC motors

    Re: dc motor..help Here is a simple book about motors.
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    Do you know any 8051 that has I2C or SPI?

    Re: 8051 database check www.atmel.com they have a wide variety of 8051 architecture mcus.
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    Why we use 2 IR emitters to design a IR remote control?

    Re: IR remote control if you need boosting signal strength try using high frequency opamps for the emitter side. It works well. But if you want to control more then one device it should be better doing it with software.
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    Can anybody help me to make

    which code do you use for IR? I can advice you RC5(standart coding of Sony remote). It is very simple. If you give details i can send you a code in C lang. and PICBASIC
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    What is the most frequently used IR coding format?

    Re: IR remote control RC5 is is very easy to use. if battery life is not a concerning problem for you, use RC5.
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    How to increase the RS232 range?

    Re: RS232 range check out the maxim rs232 converters and repeaters section. if you need a really long distance communications in serial mode, try using null modems. One of theese systems designed by our company engineers, used in BTC pipeline project for the rectifier units.
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    Where to write C coding for 89C51?

    Re: C coding for 89C51 ithink you are using command-line compiler. Try to find Keil IDE or use ultraedit it will be very helpfull for writing code. i hope that is what you need.
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    How can I increase simulation speed in Proteus?

    Re: proteus too slow! i had same problem with f877. i am using CCS pic c. when i started ending code with infinite loop [while(1)] the problem never occured again. Most of my codes never reach that infinite loop, it stays there but never used. I hope it works for you.
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    Looking for a free IDE for 8051 programming

    mide-51 project Did you check theese sites related with 8051 and AVR? www.8051.com www.avrfreaks.com (better) there are several free IDE's for software developing.
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    How to use printf with Hi-Tech PIC C and 16F877?

    I am using Keil C to program 8051. I can use printf to send data to serial I/O. Can i use it with HI-TECH PIC C and 16F877 ? And how ? Thanks
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    Proteus+Hi Tech PICC combination

    Pic c I have downloaded pic c 8.01pl3 from htsoft and used a keygen from astalavista.box.sk but it says "compiler not installed correctly". Please Help. :(
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    IAR C vs BASCOM Basic. Which is better???

    bascom versus c Be sure that you are free with C, make your own routines and share them. i will do.

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