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    Why is it that in a cascode LNA, only the input transistor contribute to the noise?

    Why is it that in a cascode LNA, only the input transistor contribute to the noise, while the cascode transistor doesn't? Thank you.
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    RF measurement course from Besser Associates

    Can anyone that has attended Besser Associates' course in "RF measurement: Principles and Demonstration" provide some comments on the course please? Is the course useful, practical, or hands-on? Thank you so much. **broken link removed**
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    What's the tradeoff between VCO's start-up gain and its phase noise?

    What's the tradeoff between VCO's start-up gain and its phase noise? Thank you.
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    How to simulate for charge pump leakage?

    Can anyone please show how to simulate for charge pump leakage? And what's the typical requirement on its amplitude? Thank you so much.
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    Charge pump charge sharing/bootstrap

    charge sharing charge-pump Would anyone please provide some materials that talk about the charge sharing and bootstrapping in a charge pump? Journal papers, books? Thank you.
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    phase noise simulation setup for PFD/CP

    pfd cp noise Does anyone know the difference between different "noise type" in Pnoise analysis, i.e "sources", "time domain", "modulated", when simulating for PFD/CP? I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone can show me how to set up the PNoise analysis for PFD/CP using those different "noise type"...
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    Questions about linear range of PFD

    linear range of PFD Is there a normal value for the linear range for PFD over a 4*pi span, say 70% or 80%? Or is it strictly a relative term as long as it can satisfy the frequency acquizition time requirement? As far as I know, the closer to 4*pi the linear range, the faster the PLL can...
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    Necessary simulation check for PFD/CP?

    pfd-cp mismatch If my simulation includes only PFD, CP and the loop filter components, what simulations do I have to run to make sure my PFD/CP is working ok? I've run phase sweep between 2 identical frequencies going into the PFD, and plotted average integrated CP output current vs. phase...
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    Conversion gain from any node in LC VCO to the phase noise

    Hi, Does anyone know how to simulate for the conversion gain from any node in LC VCO to the phase noise using Spectre RF? Thank you.
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    supply noise rejection for LC VCO

    If the supply is the much noiser than the ground, which biasing scheme is better for a cross-coupled LC VCO? Biasing from bottom with NFET or from the top with PFET? Thank you.
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    LC VCO doesn't oscillate in transient analysis

    Can anyone comment on how to get the LC VCO to oscillate in transient analysis please? Initial conditions are set, and PSS/Pnoise works fine. But in transient analysis VCO simply doesn't oscillate. Thank you.
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    RF system(WCDMA, WLAN, etc.) courses

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any RF system(WCDMA, WLAN, etc.) course? Has anyone taken such cource from Besser Associate? Any course/instructor to recommend or avoid? Thanks a bunch!
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    IIP2 using Monte Carlo

    For a zero-IF double-balanced mixer, is transient analysis with Monte Carlo the only valid way to simulate for IIP2? Can QPSS/Monte Carlo be used in this situation? IF the IIP2 is around 50dBm, what's the appropriate tolarance control(reltol, vabstol, iabstol)? Thank you.
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    IIP3 @ 10MHz offset for WCDMA

    The inband IIP3 for WCDMA is specified @ 10MHz offset. So I ran a 2-tone test w/ following parameters, RF1=2150MHz RF2=2160MHz LO=2140MHz First of all, should I have used the 2 tones @ 10/20.5MHz so that IM3(0.5MHz) falls within the BW(5MHz)? Secondly, due the LPF @ mixer output w/ cutoff...

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