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    [SOLVED] [Moved] Board for embedded linux.

    Thanks FenTrac !!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. :) Thank You once again
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    [SOLVED] [Moved] Board for embedded linux.

    Hello Geeks, I have been working on controllers ,now want to work on embedded linux. Can anybody suggest me a board on which I can port linux and play with drivers. As my purpose is learning linux and drivers, I am looking for a board which will have interface like GPIO, USB, Display, Ethernet...
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    [ARM] Facing problem with lpc1752

    Hello Friends, I am working on a project in which I am interfacing few sensors with LPC1752. There are some debug prints in my code.. e.g initializing, then sensor data..etc I am using printf() function. The problem that I am facing here is,if I add some prints LPC1752 stops working..And I...
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    [SOLVED] Building ARM-NONE-EABI toolchain

    Hi roll no three thanks for the reply i am using ubuntu 12.04 i'll check whether it works for ubuntu and get back to you.
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    [SOLVED] Building ARM-NONE-EABI toolchain

    Hello Roll No Three I tried with --with-gmp ,--with-mpfr options but end up with error. please see the following link https://imvoid.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/building-the-gnu-arm-toolchain-for-bare-metal/ Here in Building the toolchain section- building gcc two commands are given I tried...
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    [SOLVED] Building ARM-NONE-EABI toolchain

    Hello Ricardo, Thank You for reply. I checked the link. I ll try building the toolchain. Is there any example code or some help for how to compile code for ARM?? Have you checked. I ll google it. But if you have any such material can you please share... Thanks in advance...
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    [SOLVED] Building ARM-NONE-EABI toolchain

    Hello I am trying to build arm-none-eabi tool chain to compile code for AEM7 lpc2148. I followed the steps mentioned on the following link https://imvoid.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/building-the-gnu-arm-toolchain-for-bare-metal/ But, when I entered ../../src/gcc-4.8.0/configure...
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    External Interrupt in LPC1114

    Hello friends, I am facing problem in external interrupt for lpc1114. Here is my code => void PIOINT0_IRQHandler(void) { uint32_t regVal; unsigned int i,j; gpioSetValue(0,2,0); for(i = 0 ;i < 500; i++) for(j = 0; j < 10000; j++); gpio0_counter++; regVal = gpioIntStatus(0, 1); if...
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    Compiling code for lpc2148 in gcc

    Dear friends Since long time I am working on ARM controllers and habitual with Keil software to compile the applications. But few months back I found that it is possible to compile the code for ARM in gcc with some toolchain. With the help of edabord I am able to build bare bord toolchain. But...
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    Compiling code for ARM in Ubuntu

    Dear friends Thanks for your help I have successfully installed the cross-compiler and gone through few basics of it. But I am still facing some problems in writing code for arm lpc2148 in linux is there any reference code or study material availbla from which i can clear my baisics and write a...
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    Compiling code for ARM in Ubuntu

    Thank You vinodstanur for reply When I post this thread i gooled and I found one link in which a command for installing cross compiler was mentioned. It was something like this sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi Is it the same that you are talking about ? I found this command on...
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    Compiling code for ARM in Ubuntu

    Hello friends I am working on LPC2148. I am trying to compile a code for LPC2148 in linux. I am using ubuntu 12.04.But as I am not much aware of linux I am unable to compile it. Do I need any extra toolchains to compile? if yes then which toolchain I should use? Is there any site where I can...

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