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    Which audio amplifier is compatible with Auto Radio Blaupunkt Malibu CR67?

    Hi, does anybody knows which audio amplifier goes in Auto Radio Blaupunkt Malibu CR67?
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    Problem with Visulesta II hardware

    Hi, Does anybody knows anything about hardware Visulesta II which main function is to read position and automating process in X, Y and Z axis. I think that hardware work good but on the seven segment display's all signs are turned on. When hardware switch on on the displays should have all...
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    Schematic of Viewsonic M70, model VCDTS21503-1M

    Hi! I need schematic for Viewsonic M70, model VCDTS21503-1M or if somebody knows what are these elements: Q501 Q502 Q503 IC401
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    Problem with printing results of PCB in Protel99SE

    Protel99SE Hi, I have a problem with my Protel 99 SE. When I print a PCB, dimension on the paper are not same with the dimension on the PC. Rectangular 100x100(mmxmm) on the PC adequate on 104x104(mmxmm) on the paper. Does anybody knows how can I solve this problem?

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