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  1. J

    Flash Memory - Which one is the fastest?

    As I know, Samsung Nand flash will unstable at some lots. At spec. it work at 2.7~3.3v, but when you got the unstable nand flash. It only can work at 2.7v. This is a big bug at mass production.
  2. J

    Looking for IC layout editing tools

    Yes, Laker is more easy than virtuoso. I really like it's zoom speed.
  3. J

    [Help] Pspice model - mc34119

    I need the pspice model for simulation. Any one tell me, where can I gei it?
  4. J

    which one is faster - source follower or common gate amp?

    Re: which one is faster? I think the source follower will fast. I think the gate why call it the gate, because it need a break power. It take some time, so I think the source follower will faster than common gate.
  5. J

    Protel DXP vs Protel 99se

    Yes, DXP is more user friendly.
  6. J

    What is a good starting point for FPGA design?

    Yup, Xilinx is the general purpose best choice.
  7. J

    What's the main difference between FPGA &CPLD ???

    I think the gate counters are the most different point.
  8. J

    Crosstalk on QVGA LC-Display

    Maybe check the panel design. look at data line width and top metal distance. the couple capacitor will effect the crosstalk issue.
  9. J

    How to measurement a microphone by myself?

    What circuit can I make it myself? Which software I must prepare? may Anybody show me or tell me some information? Thanks your help!
  10. J

    8051 to sdram interface

    8051 dram interface it's sch.
  11. J

    Anybody have GSM module circuit?

    gsm module circuit :cry: please help, I really need the circuit as soon as possible.

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