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    VHDL warning: Xst:647 - Input is never used.

    Re: VHDL warning help Hello WR, The signal z is always 0, that's why the synthesizer ignore the input sel2. You have to assign the signal z inside this process. [/b]
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    GNU Octave tutorial

    Does anyone have a good e-book, manual or tuorial about octave??
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    SRAM Controller for Virtex4 ML403 Board

    ml403 zbt There is a Free IP from Xilinx called OPB_EMC (external memory controller), it can be used for SRAM, FLASH and memory mapped periphals. But the processor have to support OPB Bus. If you are using microblaze or PowerPC, both support OPB bus, if you are using another processor, ypu...
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    Can Qnx Neutrino be installed on a home PC ?

    Qnx Neutrino I am a newbie in RTOS, and a have Qnx Neutrino. Is it a good RTOS? I can install in a home PC (pentium 100MHz)???
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    Books for Beginers in [VHDL or Verilog]

    I want star to program FPGA's, and i dont kwon, how to program in VHDL or Verilog, plz someone help me. :?:
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    MCP 2510 ( CAN Bus Controller)

    mcp2510 I have problems with MCP 2510 SPI interface. I am using this IC to communicate with PIC by a SPI. If anyone have some routines in C or C++, to use this IC..plz Help me
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    Radio AM in your PC -Tempest for Eliza

    Radio AM in your PC Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer generated music in your radio. this document first describes tempest for eliza, the old program that plays music like your cellphone does when you get a...
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    Protel DXP or Protel 99SE

    P*rotel D/X/P Anyone have DXP with SP@ C*R*A*C**K?
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    hi power dc-ac inverter designe

    welding inverters practical schematic I need also ome projects about power inverter, 300 V to 10 V for weld aplications, and i want informations about how to projet a high-frequency transformer and full-bridge....so if anyone have something, please send me :)))) thank all :)))

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