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    Using high Q dielectric resonators to design a notch filter

    Re: dielectric resonators Theory and Design of Microwave Filters by Ian Hunter is quit good book for dielectric resontators filters
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    who can give me some advice about RF studies?

    Microwave office is a user freindly software for rf engineers pozar's book microwave engineering is a good start.
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    differences between different types of capacitors

    Hi have a look at this book Lumped Elements For RF And Microwave Circuits Cheers
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    Basic concept of roots and poles in filters

    Re: Filter Design Hi well some authors give another definition which is w0= (w2+w1)/2 where w1, w2 are the edge freq.
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    Looking for the wiring regulation books

    Wiring regulation hi can some body share the wiring regulation books in https://www.iee.org/Publish/WireRegs/ any book about wiring are welcome as well Cheers
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    Low pass filter Design using coupling inverter

    Hi I want to know how to extract J or K impedance inverter from the tabulated value of chebeshev LPF I mean i have g1 g2 ...gn how can i transfer this ladder network to inductive or capacitivly coupled inverter I know that there is a direct formula for doubly terminated network but i need the...
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    Microwave Filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling

    how to design line filter I just can not find it i tried diffrent words searching but it seem it is not there if you know the link please help cheers
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    Microwave Filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling

    design of combline bandpass filters HI IIccee can you tell me where i can find this tutorial Cheers
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    Microwave Filters, Impedance-Matching Networks, and Coupling

    combline filter I would like to know how to design the physiacl comb line filter I used hunter's book and follow the example,the simulation work well but he did not say any thing about how to calculate the spacing tnd diameter is there any body who can help in this nightmar also is there any...
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    convert .s2p Real/Imaginary to Magnitude/Angle

    s2p converter if you use microwave simulator then you should be able to inport your data file in this format then simulate it as subcircuit and get the result in any format you need as your software should be able to do
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    What is phemt and its biasing condition?

    Re: what is phemt? yes but this does not mean that you can not use it for lower frequency the new tech now is e phemt which mean enhanced phemt there is no need for the negative biase in the gate so you need only one source for your dc bias circuit
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    Please recommend a prescaler

    check with hittite website they have a lot of cheap prescaler
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    Basic concept of roots and poles in filters

    Re: Filter Design I already download this book they are very intresting but i am after some thing suitable to students
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    Basic concept of roots and poles in filters

    Hi Filter Designers I would like to know a basic concept of roots and poles in filters what poles at infinty means etc is ther any book explain this stuff in simple way Many thanks Please the book should explain things to whom not familiar this stuff i mean for begginer student
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    Looking for books/papers about Electromagnetics

    Re: Electromagnetics sorry i missed to write the link https://aka-ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Electrical-Engineering-and-Computer-Science/index.htm
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    free courses for electronics

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    Microwave power amplifier

    hi can we use s parameters to design power amplifier matching the sparameters which i have are measured at large signal not at small signal as it is at 8v 250 mA but many books say that we can not use s parameters to do the matching any comments are welcome
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    Microwave power amplifier

    microwave power amplifier Hi who knows any guid or application note describe step by step how to design microwave power amplifier ,i have cripps books but it is not as clear as it should be
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    can someone please point me to a good reset circuit design

    try tl7705 it is a good reset circuit or max7705 as it need no external components good luck

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