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    [SOLVED] if-else loop statement error

    Hi, The answer is in the code itself. When the macro expands, the line will read printf statement followed by two semicolons. So the compiler sees effectively more than one "line" of code. You can avoid this by removing the semicolon either at the end of macro definition or at the end of macro...
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    UHPI access in DSP 6727 - looks like the DSP is lost

    dsp 6727 Hi, I'm trying to establish communication with DSP 6727 with a PowerPC 82xx series host processor. I notice that after the host writes some large chunks of data to DSP, it hangs and the Ready pin will not be deasserted. It looks like the DSP is lost. Is there anyone who has made this...
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    2 PIC microcontrollers via mobus RTU.

    Re: Modbus RTU Help Hi KrAK3N, Implementing Modbus RTU between two PIC microcontrollers would be quite easy if you use the UART peripheral. You need to ensure that the timing constraints mentioned by the protocol are taken care. But you can always ignore these if you do not want to connect your...
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    Method to identify shared folder access in Windows

    Hi, Suppose I have shared a folder/file in a PC (operating on Windows OS), lets say PC1, which is connected to LAN. Now I access this shared folder/file by another PC (PC2) on the LAN. Is there any method to track that PC2 had accessed the shared folder/file in PC1? If so, how? and what are the...
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    what is the best RTOS for PIC 16F877 ??

    rtos 16f877 Hi allko, Since Salvo has been proven on PIC microcontrollers and is robust for 8-bit microcontrollers, I suggest Salvo would be the best choice for PIC microcontrollers. Regards, vhn
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    keil arm manual required

    keil arm manual Hi raghun, Here is a document that gives some information about Keil CARM compiler. Hope it helps. Regards, vhn
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    Reset problem in DSP TMS320F2812

    tms320f2812 Hi, I'm using TMS320F2812 DSP and SDFlash utility for programming the flash. I'm using the Spectrum Digital's XDS510PP emulator. I've programmed the DSP such that after power on it immediately goes to power down mode (HALT mode in particular). Only NMI can wake up the device from...
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    Code Security Module in TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm using TMS320F2812 DSP. I use the spectrum digital's SDFlash utility to program this device. When I'm trying to erase the device, it displays the following warning: WARNING: THE CONTENTS OF THE SECURITY PASSWORD LOCATIONS IN THE FLASH MAY NOT BE IN THE EXPECTED STATE. FOR FURTHER DEBUG...
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    Need help in a project with pic 18f258!

    Hi ivansousa, As you have already identified that your application will be having two motors, now you need to choose the stepper motor that suits your application. Then you need to interface the PIC microcontroller with the stepper motor. Depending upon the stepper motor specifications you need...
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    Stepper motor controlling with SPI interface, PIC18F4580

    Re: spi interface Hi brunokasimin, As with every SPI interface, first you need to check whether Master is generating the clock pulses according to your defined frequency. Use an oscilloscope to check all the waveforms (CLK, MOSI and CS). The chip select should be active while doing the...
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    How to transmit data serially in C++ from the Computer.

    Hi te04-0202, Lot of free applications are readily available in internet which will serve your purpose. Typically they access the PC COM port and send the data you require. You just need to make sure of the physical layer (RS232 / TTL) and the baud rate settings. One such good software is...
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    HELP!! Control dc motor speed with PIC16F877a using hi-tech

    Re: HELP!! Control dc motor speed with PIC16F877a using hi-t Hi jun86dia, Are you sure that RB0 is continuously made high? If not, then according to the code, the CCPR1L register value is changed and thus you may not be getting the proper output. Also you can remove the initializations...
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    Using NMI in TMS320F2812

    Hi, I'm using Texas Instruments DSP TMS320F2812. I need to use the NMI feature. From the available documentation I could not understand how to acknowledge the NMI interrupt once it occurs. There are acknowledge bits for all the other interrupts & interrupt groups (for example PIEACK in...
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    Serial port unlocking

    Hi, I have come across many PC based softwares that often forget to release the control over COM port once they are done with the job. In such cases, no other application can access the serial port as the windows displays that already the COM port is in use. I've observed that restarting the PC...
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    Question on interrupt processing

    Hi, When the peripheral of a microcontroller is performing a job, if a interrupt arrives, at what instance will the interrupt be serviced ? How much latency should we consider? For example, Assme that a microcontroller is sending a byte on UART. After the first bit is transferred, an external...
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    Question on TMS320F2812 - hold mode while using XINTF

    Question on TMS320F2812 Hi, In TMS320F2812 I'm using the external interface (XINTF) for accessing an external RAM. I need to use the DMA feature provided on the chip. I notice that the data sheet always refers to the "hold mode" being enabled for DMA to function. But in the XINTCNF2 register...
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    compiling ucos-II on win32 platform

    ucos windows port Hi Aravind Kumar Singh, Running uC/OS-II applications on PC is very simple. You readily get the port available on the micrium website. Just download the 80x86 port (ports are available depending on the memory model) from www.micrium.com. You can download the one which is...
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    How to check if communication via RS485 is correct?

    Re: RS485 Hi abhay kulkarni, You can tap the RS485 lines, convert into RS232 levels by using some hardware and feed them to PC. In the PC, any generic / custom software can be used to identify whether the devices on the bus are communicating or not. Regards, vhn
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    Port uCOS RTOS to uC 8051

    ucos rtos Hi kcharlz, Port for 8051 is already available for download in Micrium website. You can right away start developing your application. You can download it from the following link: https://www.micrium.com/intel/index.html Regards, vhn
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    LabVIEW and serial data

    labview serial port search frame Hi handsprince, You will get lot of information in the internet about how to develop a simple protocol that suits your needs. But with respect to LabView you need to know how to use the byte array and serial port concepts. You can study the following attachments...

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