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    oscillator selecting and finding problem in my circuit

    I am a undergrad student.I have a problem with a oscillator circuit.I have found a oscillator circuit from net and using it as a oscillator in my circuit.But my problem is that i could not find that what type of oscillator it is and what is it's operation?It would be helpful for me if someone...
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    power amplifier circuit

    I am doing a project .For this project I need a power amplifier which will work at about 1Mhz.Can anyone please suggest me schematic of a power amplifier?
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    amplifier circuit help

    I am working with this amplifier circuit attached .When I am giving supply to the circuit my mosfet is getting hot and burning out.Someone can you please suggest me solution for this.hank you so much.
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    wireless power transmission simulation help.

    I want to simulate wireless power transmission.But I am new.pleae someone suggest me how to approach?
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    current rate for charging

    I have a source of about 10v and with a resistance load of 0.5 ohm i am getting current of about 200ma.Can I charge a mobile with it? if this current is not enough then please suggest me a way to increase current as i can sacrifice about 4v to get that current because i need 5 v to charge a mobile?
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    problem with mosfet amplifier circuit

    I have a problem with my amplifier circuit.My input to gate of mosfet is 2Mhz from microcontroller and bias voltage is 30v.when I measure voltage at the terminal of the dc blockin capacitor as i have given in the following picture it shows voltage low close to zero and the frequency about 300...
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    Full wave bridge rectifier by schottky diode

    I want to make a full wave bridge rectifier by schottky diode.Will the diagram be same as normal diode or will there be any change?I have not worked with schottky diode before that's why asking..
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    current rate problem

    I am trying to convert a ac signal of voltage 7v and about 1A current.when i convert it to dc by full bridge rectifier of general diode 1N4007 .The problem is after converting it into dc voltage is about 5-6v but the current is so low about 10ma.what is the problem.please help me someone.
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    inductance calculation

    what is the accurate formula to calculate inductance of circular coil?i am using the formula given below but my inductance is not being accurate as i am trying to make resonance with lc circuit?
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    555 timer frequency problem

    can i change the frequency of a astable multivibrator circuit of 555 timer by selecting the R1,R2,C? ineed two mhz signal ?for this 2 mhz frequency which values of resistance i can pick up if i use c=0.1 uf?
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    fet cascade connection

    what advantages i can get by cascading two FET amplifier? will it increase the output power than using only one stage FET amplifier? please give me some answer.
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    wireless power transfer simulation help

    i want to simulate wireless power transfer by EM-pro.but i am new .please someone give me some advice.
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    5v dc to 5v ac inverter using full bridge inverter

    i want to design a 5v dc to 5v ac inverter using full bridge inverter. but i am unable to determine the value of the capacitors.can anybody please suggest me what capacitor values i have to select to design it.thank you.

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