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    FTD2XX.DLL - two devices simultaneously

    witrh Vb2005 Im'm using two FTDI devices programmed to send data as SPI channels, thanx to FTD2XX.dll . I can select one or the other, and send data as I like, but I wonder if I can use t hem SIMULTANEOUSLY. I'm using TimeSetEvent to repeat data ad libitum ,selecting one of the 2 devices, but...
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    FTD2XX.DLL and VB2005: how to use FT_OpenEX ?

    ft_open_by_location I'm using VB2005. can somebody help me to use the FT_OpenEX function with USB physical location IDS? Or someother tricks to manage more than one FTDI devices connected to my USB ports. many thanks..
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    FTD2XX.dll problems wiwth FT_Write function

    ft_write I'm trying to use FTD2XX.Dll in VB2005. I'have a problem in using the function FT_Write , because I don't know how to manage the buffer containing data to be written to MPSSE. any one can suggest me the best way? Shall I use a string? an array? a buffer type? some examples? many thanx

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