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    choosing an active probe for Rx NFC measurements

    Following NXP guidelines for selecting the right passive components between antenna and Rx pins of PN7462 NFC controller, they recommend using an Active probe with a low capacitance (<2-3pF) for taking voltage measurements at the pins during communication. The cheapest active probe on Digikey...
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    best practice for orientation of wired linear plugs (JST SH)?

    JST SH (1.0mm pitch) 5 pin plugs can be placed at either end of an array of wires in an UP or a DOWN orientation. (Borrowing from FFC terminology here.) For example, this vendor (see product photos) seems to propose what I'll call UP-UP products...
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    Chassis cooling of thermal pad on stepper driver ground plane

    A stepper driver (TMC5130) is mounted on a 4 layer PCB with thermal vias under the part. The bottom layer is a GND plane. The PCB is mounted on a machined aluminium block that carries various mechanical parts and effectively forms a part of the chassis. I'd like to machine the aluminium block...
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    Is an opamp better next to the current sense resistor or closer to a microcontroller?

    opamp better next to current sense resistor or near to microcontroller? Am measuring currents in a 24v line using a CS30 highside opamp and a PIC18F microcontroller running at 5v...
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    2 * 24v outputs of 2A each: supply with one 12v 4A boost or two 12v 2A boosts?

    Supposing you make a box with 12v going in and 2 outputs each offering 2A at 24v. You could use a single 4A boost converter. Or you could use two 2A boost converters, one for each output. It seems that 2A boost converters are MUCH smaller, lighter and CHEAPER than 4A converters. The inductor...
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    appropriate approach for low voltage device with integrated UPS?

    I’m building a device about the size of a piece of furniture that has a 24v line for stepper motors (it could be 20 or 30… but run much better than with 12v), then a number of cards running at 5v for NFC, wifi, TFT display and various sensors. The whole thing is supposed to be “low voltage”...

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