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    Why ends of trace are placed on square in dual band antenna?

    dual band antenna Hi EM sim fans, I don't why the both ends of trace is placed an suare pad to make it a 900/1800 antenna ? Anyone can come up with the anwer ? Attached is the antenna photo. The other side of the board is left blank fir the antenna. Thank you for your sharing.
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    Looking for EFALicgen

    efalicgen try this, hopefully it helps. :D ------------------------------------------- =================================== Topic LOCKED. User 'sigmaxyz' has been BANNED for 10 days for Violating Elektroda Rules (posting illegal material) in this Forum. Be carefull, roli - Elektroda...
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    Which one is better, HFSS or CST ?

    cst radiator cap problems eirp's point is absolutely correct. I used hfss and mws designing a cell phone antenna. Hfss took 4 times in time than mws. Some complex problems may widen the gap. Like eirp said, to use more friendly is what an enigneer needs especially to new guy in terms of RF aspect.
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    Which one is better, HFSS or CST ?

    hfss radiation pml site:www.edaboard.com I stand by your point.
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    Printed Inductor (PLANAR INDUCTOR)

    printed planar inductor give me the spec i 'll simulate it for you and for free

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