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    Is DMSA useful for signoff in primetime

    Is DMSA a best way to signoff in primetime ? i am new ! please give me some advice or some script ! Thanks
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    how to create apl for ram?

    any one could give me some advices : how to create apl for ram. i do chip power up analysis with redhawk ,but i dont know how to create apl for ram, please give me some advices !
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    [SOLVED] Need book on IC design using FPGA

    icbook I am intersting in ic design !!! please give me more informantion about books on IC design!! thank you !!
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    on vhdl :if(DATA=10) generate - can i do like this ?

    on vhdl if(DATA=10) generate 。。。 end generate; can i do like this ?

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