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    how to run the perl file in the redhat linux 7.2

    hi, i am quit new the linux environment .i need information regarding how to run the perl file in redhat linux 7.2 . is perl software is inbuilt or i have to ldownload from the net and load the software. if possible give me command for rnning the perl program in linux. thanks...
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    information needed regarding regression testing

    hi all, i need information regarding regression testing.these are my doubts, what will be the regression testing,when can we use that particularly in case of using specman elite . thanks in advance, wth cheers, srik
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    Looking for any psl/sugar materials

    about psl/sugar material hi, i didn't have that many points to download since i was newly joined so anybody having the psl/sugar documents please send it to my email id. srik_naidu@sify.com waiting for reply, srik.
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    why hold time is not included in critical frequency calc.

    hi, can anyone explain me why hold time is not included in the calc of critical freq. is there any particular reason if so please explain me that reason. waiting for reply, with regards, srik.

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