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    How to startup Windows XP faster?

    how to speed it up? it takes ages :cry:
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    demagnetize 17" monitor

    How to do it externally? It hase built-in coil and degauss button. When this button is pressed an LED comes on, picture wobbles left-right but screen remains magnetized (strange colours).
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    How to avoid waiting time while trying to download files from rapidshare?

    How to avoid waiting time while trying to download files from rapidshare???
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    Need literature on servers based on Win 2000/2003

    Server 2000/2003 Need good literature (and easy one) on server(s) based on Win2000/3-pro server and network setup. Thanks in advance.
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    Let me know what does CAL stands for ?

    What is CALs "May need to purchase more CALs. # of CALs needed = # of machines" What's that /???
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    server should be switched to DOMAIN

    Can anyone explain what that means /???
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    MP3 192kbps and 320kbps

    I can't hear much difference between these two bitrates. Is it really worth saving 320kbps MP3? Bye!!!
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    How to convert mp3 file from 320bps to 128bps?

    How to convert mp3 file from 320bps to 128bps?
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    Rapidshare - download files without waiting

    If I want to download something from rapidshare for the second time I always have to wait. Now, what can I do to trick rapidshare server and access files for free without waiting? Bye!
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    How will the speed increase if I increase memory from 1 to 2GB?

    I already have 1G memory. If I add another G (total of 2G) by how much will the speed increase, 25% more or less? Bye!!!
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    Find files in Temporary Internet Files

    I downloded a RAR file and it is somewhere in C:\Documents and Settings\CL13\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files but I can't see it there. How can I make this file visible? In Folders\Tools\Folder Options\View - Show Hidden Files and Folders option is enabled. Bye!!!
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    How to adjust MP3 music file volume level?

    How to adjust MP3 music volume level? Some songs are to loud comparing with others, some's level is below average. Also can you suggest sites where MP3 music can be downloaded from? Bye!!!
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    Problem with overheating of switching MOSFETS

    I drive 2 MOSFETS from one opamp (358). But, MOSFETS become warm very soon. Is it switching time problem or what? and how to improve this situation? Bye!!!
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    The easiest microcontroller to learn about

    easiest microcontroller Which microcontroller is the easiest to start with?
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    win2000 and win98 printer sharing

    I have a printer connected to win2000 and I have another computer connected to network working under win98se. I can connect to a printer which is physically connected to the server but I want to print from win98 machine on the win2000 machine. How to do setup both computers? I tried to go...
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    How to convert DXF to JPG ?

    I have schematics saved in the DXF format. Any (free) DXF to JPG converters?
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    Free software for schematic drawing

    Which (free) software can you recommend for schematic drawings?

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