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    rfpp53 datasheet I looking for a data sheet for an RFPP53 RF power mosfet. I believe it was made by Philips. I've searched the net with no luck - any help would be apprciated. Thanks
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    buying electronic components online

    Try Digikey - https://www.digikey.com
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    Quadrature encoder with dual channel photo-transistor/diode

    Have you tried Fairchild? (QT Optoelectronics) https://www.fairchildsemi.com/collateral/infrared_psg.pdf
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    Virtual Reality device's schematic

    You could take a look at the manual for a commercial device - The Polhemus Fastrack manual has a reasonable theory of operation section. Look here hxxp://www.polhemus.com/support.htm. You could also try doing a patent search at www.uspto.gov. Many patents contain simplified schematics.
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    Information about AVR microcontrollers

    Take a look at www.avrfreaks.net
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    Looking for 1x0.5m LCD display

    If 7 segment displays will work for you, Orient Display has a large 100mmx60mm standard single digit panel. www.orientdisplay.com/standard_lcd/od-103.pdf
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    Making your own front panel overlay?

    overlay I have made some great looking panels by inkjet printing on good quality paper and then laminating in an adhesive backed lamination pouch. Check out the lamination supplies at your local office supply store.
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    Inverter schematic for piezo actors

    Take look at some of the high voltage op-amps from apex microelectronics. They have some useful app notes. https://eportal.apexmicrotech.com/mainsite/pdf/app_notes/an25_rev_c.pdf
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    where can i find a c compiler for tinyavr?

    For the avr tiny series without sram try Imagecraft's ICCTINY, www.dragonsgate.net/pub/ICC_pdf_flyers/icctinydoc.pdf
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    a program to monitor serial port activity under Windows XP

    Take a look at https://www.hhdsoftware.com/sermon.html
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    How to design a simple heart beat detector?

    I suggest you visit ti.com, analog.com, linear.com etc. and do a search on ECG and EKG ( electrocardiogram ). Many of these semiconductor vendors have app. notes for simple ECG amplifiers and heart rate determination. Ratburn
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    Looking for 4/8-bit low power MCU for a battery application

    Check out the Atmel ATtiny L series, eg ATtiny15L Power Consumption at 1.6 MHz, 3V, 25°C – Active: 3.0 mA – Idle Mode: 1.0 mA – Power-down: < 1 µA
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    Doppler ultrasound blood flow detector???????

    simulating blood flow Ironjaycuttler, you can use whole milk to simulate blood for doppler ultrasound measurements. The fat globules in the milk reflect the ultrasound.
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    Looking for schematic of Lead-Acid charger

    labc2 pcb Check out the bq2031 from TI and releated app. notes. I have used this chip in a number of projects. **broken link removed**
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    PhotoDiode Amplifier Design

    photodiodes amplifiers Check out https://www.taosinc.com they have some integrated photodiode/amp sensors that I have used successfully in some designs.

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