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    USB to RS232 converter... found

    jtag ice prolific I am developing using a microchip pic with usart for RS232. I think to stablish a bluetooth interface. My first idea was to use a parani interface (but it is expensive, 50euros + shipment). I read about the rs232 to usb converter, as I have a bluetooth usb dongle. Do you...
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    How to design a microstrip matching network for antenna?????

    Re: How to design a microstrip matching network for antenna? What antenna? discrete or distributed matching network? bandwidht?
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    Plasma material simulation

    I am interested in starting the simulation of plasma materials. Does any 3D EM solver allow the behavior of frequency dependant epsilon_r ? Thanks
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    TxLine-transformer model for spice

    I am looking for models of transmission line transformer to simulate in SPICE or any other simulation app. I am interested in Guanella and Rotroff transformer. Thanks
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    DC Offsets in Direct Conversion receiver

    The best option is a DC compensation algorithm used in the DSP or FPGA. Depending on the application, for example WCDMA or bloetooth, the answer can be different but at least in my opinion if the A/D is not saturated the DC compensation algorithm is better.
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    I want to know more about radial stub

    butterfly stub The models are implemented in practically every simulation software. I usually proceed the following way. For example a radial stub to substitute a open stub in the bias network of an amplifier. I design the square stub and then it its a starting point for optimization.
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    step attenuator and Rf protection circuit

    I am looking info about protection circuits for microwave transceiver input . Also I'd like to find information on step attenuator. Do you know usefull references. Thank you
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    Common mode output to differential input question

    I am trying to connect a common mode output to a differential input in base band. I found a Differential driver for example from AD: AD8131. The question is : Is it possible to do without an active device? Thanks
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    DC motor behaviour when stopped

    I am making a hardware to control a DC motor using the PC parallel port. I want to stop when the brushless DC motor is stopped by for example an obstacle. Does anybody have a good solution to establish a bit to enter the PC? How many time can stay the motor under this condition? The current...
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    Differential to common mode

    Thanks. When you talk about a diff module what are you talking about? A commercial one? How can I build it? Thanks again.
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    Differential to common mode

    I have a differential output board at baseband (f<20MHz). How can I visualize the common mode in a spectrum analizer? Can I connect directly the inner conductors to the inner of the SA and the outer of the SA respectively? Is it really so simple? Thanks

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