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    Qeustion about servo drive/motor match

    Hi, I want to run a cnc spindle with a servo motor and yesterday I picked up a BNIB mitsubishi 750watt servo drive from ebay.. Can I use a 400watt servo motor if I adjust the "high torque limit" Pot/resistor to a fixed resistor with correct value? It's not because I don't like the 750watt...
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    CNC router Stepper driver design - help!

    what should be the spec router stepper Hello, I am new to steppers so need a little help designing a stepper driver/controller to my CNC router project. I need to drive/control 4 motors with the following specs: 2 x Astrosyn L189/4 Phase: Phase Current 1.6A Phase Res 2.65ohm Phase Ind 4.75mH...
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    Problem with the high hum in a tube amplifier for a guitar

    Hi, I am building a 3ch 100w high gain guitar amp and I'm almost there..I think All three channels has great sound and all the tone stacks works well. Channel 1 is working perfectly..no hum at all! Channel 2/3 got a 100hz hum.. The hum increase a bit when i turn the bass past 0.5:o and...
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    How to wire a LCD panel meter to amplifier?

    Hi! I just bought a LCD panel meter to install in my amp to measure cathode voltage..but how to hook it up?? I know this is properly an odd question but I have no experience in these things.. :| It has 13 pins: 1 = V+ 2 = V- 3 = NC 4 = NC 5 = COM 6 = INLO 7 = INHI 8 = RFL 9 = RFH 10 = ROH 11...

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