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    Function generator with max038 (elektor 1995)

    max038 elektor Hi, There are all the files to build 10 to 10MHz function generator. Sources files from elektor 06:1995 CD:D
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    Programmer Universal Module for ICD2

    HI, This is the schematic and the PCB in single side for an universal module to program all the PICs in DIP format. This module would be connect via RJ12 connector to ICD2 module. So, you've now an universal and evolutive (with MPLAB) USB programmer. Take a look on the forum to build ICD2 clone...
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    This is a working RS232.... ICD2 !!!!

    icd0082 Hi everybody, I'm happy to say : I've make it and it works fine !!! It's only the version with RS232 interface, the USB comes later... perhaps. Enjoy and thanks to MCU!!! CD :D
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    new version of the pickit1 software

    pickit1 cd Hello, You can download on the microchip website the new version of the pickit1 software. PICkit 1 host application V1.30, supporting PIC16F684 and PIC16F688. Enjoy CD:)
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    Problem with copying schematic from Proteus 6 sp4 to Word

    Problem with proteus6sp4 Hello, I want to copy a schematic from proteus to msword. I select the schematic in proteus, and i copy it in the press-paper. I use the collate command in msword. The schema appears good, but I've not the values of the components. What it is wrong? Thanks CD:)
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    ZIF socket PICkit PCB and firmware

    pickit pcb Hello, This is the PCB of a PICkit1 board. It's not the same as the original MICROCHIP evaluation board, because MICROCHIP board is not pratical for intensive use. On this board you will used a breadboard fo your test. CD:)
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    PICkit1 FLASH Starter Kit

    Hello, PICkit1 from MICROCHIP is a cheaper dev board for 12F675,12F629, 16F630 and 16F676. This board is connect tu USB port. The interface sofware works only with OS up to W98 (W98OSR2, W2000, WXP...) You can find and download any information about this board on the MICROCHIP web site. This...
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    New firmware for Microchip ICD1

    icd1 firmware Hello, It was a new firmware on the microchip web site for ICD1. This firmware includes the possibity to debug new 16F87xA. The firmware version is 2.40. To install the new firmware, extract the *.obj file on any directory, launch MPLAB, open or create a debug project, open the...
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    Dincers JavaScript LCD Simulator V 1.06

    LCD simulator Hello, This is a little 2*16 caracters LCD simulator. Write in javascript. CD / File deleted, see link below. /
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    Function generator 10Hz-10MHz with max038

    max038 function generator Hello, This the schematic, the PCB, the silkscreen of function generator from elektor. It used a MAX038. CD :)
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    HELP: Who can assemble this file with TASM for PIC?

    Hello, I'm looking for Someone to help me. I want the *.hex file from this *.asm file. But this file was written with TASM for PIC, and I haven't TASM. Who can assemble this file for me? Many thanks. Please PM for response :? CD It's for a 16F876.
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    PCB and schematic for the Microchip ICD

    mpl876.hex Hello, this is the PcB and the schematic of the microchip ICD in protel format CD

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