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    Differences of pipelined and flow-through syncronous SRAM

    Can anybody tell me the differences of pipelined and flow-through syncronous burst SRAM like it is used for MPC555 or 565. I can see the additional registerbank in the pipelined version but what is the different behavior of both. Regards Max
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    non-multiplexed to multiplexed bus problem

    For a design i have to couple a SJA1000 Can Controller with multiplexed (Intel) interface (/RD,/WR,ALE) to a Motorola MC68332 with have only non-multiplexed Address and datalines. Have anybody already a solution for this problem? Or can give me some hints. THe other direction (multiplexed to...
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    Looking for a very good industrial digital inputinterface

    For a project, which shall run in industral environment (high noise and EMC) i have to design a very good switch closer input interface for a microprozesor. It shall be very low cost. Also the input voltage range need to be 24V (20-28V) And it need internal pull up against 24V that with a...

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