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  1. gannu

    Implimentation in my backyard..

    Hi guys, Can anybody please clear my doubt?URGENT.. :cry: What type of jammer can be produced/built in order to block a simple transmitter of an RF car..?And upto what frequencies are allorted/in use for the such kind of R/C battle bots ?
  2. gannu

    RF controlled car to participate in college fest

    hello members, Am taking part in a fest event and i want to design a wireless thing which moves on wheels rotation.So any one please help me out to design a good TX and RX .The tyres in the rear are just for moving forward and backward ,but the front wheels are used to make...
  3. gannu

    facts about security camera's

    hi guys, Why in security area's specially in bank where camera's fitted to all over , why it is necessary to switch off the MOBILE PHONE ? Does the signals from mobile phone having some impact upon those security devices ? Any method to detect the pin hole camera's placed illegaly...
  4. gannu

    seminar on upcoming tecnologies

    Hi guys, For the sake of giving seminar on upcoming new technologies i think topics on some analog stuff's including some of those vlsi may have become common . Can anybody suggest me with some new,good,intresting topics to be presented as a seminar ?
  5. gannu

    [SOLVED] this type of interfacing HDD possible ?

    hello members , Recently my laptop stopped working and got to know the motherboard has to be replaced.so can i be able to recover data stored in HDD of spoiled laptop....? If yes then how can i interface this HDD using µCONTROLLER..? HDD:5K320-160 SATA:3.0GB/s...
  6. gannu

    [MOVED]Digital image processing project.

    hello members, Can anybody please suggest me some of the Image processing based projects. And please do tel what is the diference between the image recognition and identification ?
  7. gannu

    [SOLVED] My facts of interst to be known.

    hello members, How actually the human voice signal gets sampled and qunatised .And whats the simple digital circuit idea for this .. any plz give some idea..i would be very helpful if one would suggest a animated video about this..
  8. gannu

    Fact about dynamoscope.

    hello members, Can anybody plz tel why in a DYNAMOSCOPE the image in the same is conical in shape and whysome sort of gel is supposed to be applied by the examiner before the process..
  9. gannu

    Mini Project of intrest.

    Respected members, For eg: *If from a 200m FM tx if the signal has to be digitally transmitted to the reciever ,then how to modify the circuit so that circuit transmits data bit by bit... or how is it exactly possible ? *is that possible to convert it to excess-3...
  10. gannu

    my final telecommunication project

    Respected Menmbers, ... am a final year EC Student.. can anyone plz give some idea about or suggest the gsm based and biomedical based projects ..
  11. gannu

    [SOLVED] Student Project ,an RF transmitter

    hi... am planning to design a RF Transmitter... that'll be able to transmit voice signals atleast for 1km range of distance.... so this make helpfull for the on coming fest events at our college... to guild the people come from diff...institution or knowing when the particular events are going...
  12. gannu

    Using Bluetooth to locate employees

    respected memebrs, I am a student.I look forward for a project for my final year project which is purely based upon communication between two points at a time.. what am i trying to tel is as a cel phone is spotted in cirtain area through GPS by the installed tower in...

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