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    Hitachi CMP-4120 repair manual

    cmp4120 At the hitachi repair center they claim it's gonna cost 5000+ euro's to repair this plasma tv . There's definitly something wrong with the power supply , but I can't believe it's gonna cost that much . So instead of leaving it there , - irrepairable so to say - i took it home agian ...

    Plotting a pcb layout with pen and ink ??

    eagle printing hp7475 Truth or myth , I dont know . I have heard a lot about using a pen plotter to plot the layout directly on the copper and then etch it . Can anybody WHO HAS ACTUALLY DONE THIS confirm it . Like I sayd ; there are rumours enough . This is becoming one of those city...

    Akkumaster C3 logging software

    akkumaster c3 I've posted a request about this more than a year ago . Its' a very powerfull uP controlled battery charger . I've never been able to find the win software that goes with it . Anybody has it ? Thx Mitsuko

    ultrasonic cleaner - info needed

    ultrasonic cleaner I need a small ultrasonic cleaner . Cup size about the size of a cup of coffee . Rotring used to have such a device to clean plotter pen's . But it's been discontinued years ago . Has anyone ever done this or any info on this ? I thought i'd get me a small aluminium...

    Need 68HC908GP32 programmer

    68hc908gp32 Anyone know of a circuit that will program this chip ? I only need to do it once , so i'd like something simple and cheap . Thx Mitsuko

    how to make PCB Drilling Machine

    Also check h**p://www.radixgmbh.de Home of the t*nbo drill Mitsuko

    Need equivalent for varistor

    14k471u Hello everybody . I have a varistor , wich is destroyed . It's coded ZNR14K471U . The last "1" could also be an "I" , but i don't think so . I need to know what tension and what power rating . Thx

    code extraction from 89C55

    89c55 code Hi everybody Is there a way to extract the code out of a programmed , and most certainly , protected 89C55 . The chip is valuable , and i only have one , so i can't risk losing it . Is there a safe way ??

    8051 series development tool

    can anyone reccomend me a good design to develop hard en soft for the 80c32 . i do have an eprom emulator i'll be needing ad conversion frequency measuring lcd output etc . thx <font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: MITSUKO on 2001-06-14 21:33 ]</font>

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