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    GL842 genesys scanner controller

    gl842 Anyone has driver and source code to drive this IC ?
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    Software for spoofing MAC address on Linux

    Re: MAC address problem try to install "MS loopback adapter"... search with google how to do it with your OS... see https://www.experts-exchange.com/Networking/Q_20723512.html Bye!
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    Hard disk with USB interface

    see: https://www.prolific.com.tw/fr_p-application.htm and https://www.prolific.com.tw/PDF/PL-2507%20Product%20Brochure%20080502.pdf
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    How to build PCI to ISA converter?

    convert pci to isa the simplest way.... :D https://www.national.com/pf/PC/PC87200.html :idea: & https://www.costronic.com.tw/SH87200.pdf :!: Bye...
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    ring tone and ring tone any information

    ..this may be ... **broken link removed** :arrow: :roll:
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    powerpcb to fabmaster

    fabmaster converter :roll: ..how to convert powerpcb in fabmaster?.. ThX!
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    Does anyone know of an easy Orcad CIS to PDF Converter

    schematics in orcad cis to be converted to pdf ..u can download a free pdf maker as www.pdf995.com... it works as a printer driver, so you can print directly your schematics in a pdf file... :)
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    How to netlist hierarchical orcad schematics for PowerPcb ?

    [fmt0018] errors processing intermediate file anyone can helps? Error from netlister is: [FMT0018] Errors processing intermediate file
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    Voltage converter from 24V to 12V

    voltage regulator 24v If U can have samples of Micrel's devices , download from Micrel the Buck-IT Designer , a SW tool for choose the right Micrel device. It build for you a schematic with suggestions about thermal and layout..

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